Picture of the Day

The water falls of Garden of the Groves, Freeport, Bahama in the island of Grand Bahama:

Fun Fact: This city was named Freeport because the owner of the city promised no taxes on any property bought on the island.


Daily Mantras

  • Every day on Earth is another day to get it right
  • Life is Long. It’s all in how you live it
  • Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you
  • It’s not what you say it’s how you say it
  • Take what you can get until you can do better

These are things I remind myself of everyday… In any situation, they come in handy.

Better Left Unsaid

As I sat on the edge of the bed, my mind went in several different places. I looked over and it still seemed surreal. I could not believe that I had just cheated on my husband. My husband of 15 years. The man I vowed to never betray or be dishonest to. I sat there with my head in my hands wondering how, just how I was going to overcome this. “Jewel, what’s wrong?” he asked. “Henry, we are both married and just had sex. You tell me what’s wrong.” I boomed. He scoffed, “You weren’t concerned about your husband a few moments ago.” I glared at him. I swear if looks could kill, he’d have been dead 20 seconds ago. “I cannot believe you just said that.” I said in low tone. “Yes Jewel, I did. Don’t sit over there and play wife of the year. As I stated before, you weren’t concerned about your husband a few moments ago.” he  replied. “You know what Henry, I think it’s time you go.” I huffed. “Oh don’t worry, I’m going.” he replied. I rolled my eyes as I pulled my shirt over my head. I bent down to get my underwear and I could feel his eyes on me. “You may as well stop look because it would be a cold day in hell before I sleep with you again.” I stated firmly. “Please, I’ll have your legs in the air again in no time.” I let out a dry chuckle and waved him off. I’m not sure who he thought he was, but there most certainly will not be a next time. The nerve of him. I followed him to the door to make sure he left.

When I saw his car back out of the driveway, I quickly ran to the room and snatched the covers off the bed. I put them in the washing machine and went back to grab the pillow cases. I glanced at the clock and saw that Lance would be home in less than 30 minutes. That meant I had 15 minutes to wash these covers and make this bed up. We were supposed to go out for dinner tonight to celebrate some promotion he got. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, I really do, but I really hate these celebratory dinners. It’s almost as if I’m invisible to him. The whole night it’s all about the guys this or the guys that. Then he’ll introduce me to someone at his firm and their talkative wife whom I’m never fond of. It’s the equivalent to having a full time job. I have to put on performance for at least 4 hours. By the end of the night, I’m exhausted.

My marriage has somewhat fell into a routine. He comes home, takes a shower, eats, lie down and then expect sex every night. Again as I stated before, I love my husband, but our sex life has reached an all time low. It too has fallen into a routine. It’s almost like he has a timer. It’s straight quick and to the point. I miss how we used to be in the beginning when he paid more attention to my body and how it reacted to certain things he did. Now he only pays attention to his cellphone and appointment book. I’ve done several things to boost our sex life. I’ve tried role playing, and that went absolutely nowhere. He didn’t even try to engage. I bought sexy lingerie. Although he noticed it, it didn’t get him aroused. I suggested a sex counselor, and he got really upset. “How dare you suggest a stranger is the solution to our non-existent sex life! I will not go to a sex counselor and let some overpaid individual tell me what I should or should not be doing in the bedroom.” “Babes, it’s not about that. Maybe he or she can suggest some ideas for us to try in the bedroom.” “You have a brain, I have a brain. You don’t think we can come up with our own ideas?” “You’re right, I do have a brain and my brain came up with several ideas, none of which you gave into. Since you don’t even try to engage in sex with me anymore, I’m starting to wonder if your brain even works when it comes to me. It seems to work just fine when Alex calls you from the office for you to come to in an discuss a client. Oh yea, it seems to really work then.”

Eventually, I just gave up the argument of sex. It seemed like I was going in circles. He’d say I was being selfish, the I’d say he’s being inattentive. We’d go back and forth for at least 30 minutes, all the while, the issue never gets solved. I went to the hall closet and pulled out a new set of sheets and pillow cases and proceeded to make the bed up. Just as I was putting the comforter on the bed, I heard Lance’s car pull into the driveway. I gathered my clothes off the floor and grabbed my towel. For some reason he didn’t like it when I walked around naked. I often found this pet peeve of his very annoying. It was my house just as much as it was his. If I wanted to walk around naked in my own house I had a right to do so.

Just as I was coming out of the laundry room, Lance was coming in the house. “Hey babes.” I said as I greeted him with warm smile. He beamed, “Hey loves. How are you and how was your day?” “It was good sweetie. Me and Miranda went down the market and picked some fruit. I got your favorite, pineapples.” I said as he followed me to the kitchen. “Oh good. I was craving some of those at work. Are they sweet?” he asked. “Babes, you know I’m allergic to pineapples. Miranda tried them and said they were, so I took her word for it.” I replied. I watched as he bit into the pineapple. He shook his head in approval. I saw that he had juice dripping down his chin. I reached up and licked it off. He smirked. When I saw his reaction was welcoming, I did it again. He put the fruit down and started kissing me long and hard. “Babes I thought we were going to dinner tonight?” I asked in between kisses. “We are, but get that fruit. I’ve got the best way to kick our sex life into overdrive.”

A few moments later, we lay next to each other snuggled up. “Dang babes, I should have thought of the fruit thing long time ago.” I swooned. We both laughed. He kissed my forehead and proceeded to get up. “Come one baby we have to get ready for the dinner tonight.” he said. I sighed heavily. “Do we have to go to this? Can’t we just stay in bed and do this again.” I replied as I emerged from the covers. I crawled over to where he stood and begin massaging his shaft. He let out a light moan. “Babes, that sounds so good right now, but you know we have to go.” he explained. I felt him becoming stiff in my hands and glanced down. “He doesn’t think so”, I whispered. He climbed on top of me and whispered, “the hell with that dinner. I can eat you all night.” I smiled as he planted kisses all over my body. I wasn’t sure what had come over Lance between the time he left this morning for work and now, but I wasn’t complaining any longer. Whatever it was I wanted more of it.

As I lay next to my sleeping husband who was snoring like a boar hog, I heard my phone vibrating. I reached for it off the nightstand to see who it was. It was a text from an unknown number. I quickly opened it. My stomach sank when I saw what it was. That conniving neighbor of mine decided to take pictures of us having sex and sent them to my phone. I quickly deleted the pictures, blocked the number and put my phone down. I’m not sure what kind of game Henry was playing, but if he thought he was going to blackmail me, he had another thought coming. I got up to use the restroom and take a shower. Just as I turned the water on, Lance entered the bathroom, “What are you doing sweetie?” “I’m about to take a shower. I’m all sticky.” I explained. Just as he flushed the toilet, I entered the shower. The sting of the water felt good on my back. Lance entered after me. I tried so hard to let his kisses arouse me, but it was no use. Henry’s pictures had me spooked. I had to find out what he was planning to do with those images. I had to do something before it ruined my marriage.

Practice What You Preach

As Carrie laid in the bed next to her husband, she couldn’t help but think of Joanne. She tossed and turned so much until it woke him up. “Babes, are you alright? What’s wrong?” he asked. “I can’t help but think of Joanne. I know it’s not my concern and all, but the way she came over here. I can’t help but feel for her.” she explained. “Listen babe,” he started as he turned to face his her. “Listen babe, you can’t let stuff like that bother you. I know it was horrific for you to see someone in that situation, but you can’t help her if she doesn’t want to be helped.” he explained. “I know babes, but I feel helpless. Like we could have done something. Offered her to sleep here for the night or called the police, or something. Anything but allowing her to go back over there.” she cried. “First off all sweetie, we didn’t allow her to go anywhere. Joanne is a grown woman. She’s going to have to figure this out on her own. When she wants the help she will come to us. If we interfere with situations like that, they turn out bad for everyone involved. You know that.” he stated. “James, I know that. I guess I’m just scared for her.” she said. He moved in closer to her and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her neck and caressed her hair. “That’s one reason I fell in love with you. You’re caring spirit will draw anyone to you.” he cooed. She smirked and turned to face him. She kissed his lips softly and snuggled under him. “Go to sleep babes. Everything will work out fine. Watch what I tell you.” he whispered. He kissed her forehead and closed his eyes to go to sleep.

The next morning, James woke to find Carrie had already awakened before him. He slowly got out of bed and made his way over to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and washed his face before making his way downstairs. “Babes, you down there?” he shouted from the stairway. He waited a few seconds to see if she’d reply. When she didn’t immediately respond, he called out for her again, “Babes, you down there?” He again waited a few seconds for a reply. When she didn’t reply again, he went downstairs to see if she was even home. When he got downstairs, he saw Jr. watching television and playing with his toy cars. “Morning daddy. Mrs. Carrie made me breakfast.” he said. He walked over to his son and sat down next to him. “Oh yea, what did she make?” he asked. “She made banana pancakes with eggs and grits.” “Oh boy, that sounds good. Did she fix me a plate?” “No, she only made some for me. She said she made you baked fish with potatoes and eggs. She put it in the oven for you.” he explained. He got up off the floor and went to the oven to find his plate wrapped in foil. Just as he took it out the oven, the front door opened. He looked up to see Carrie and Joanne coming in the door from a morning run. “Oh hey babes, you’re finally awake.” she said through breaths. “You two look like you had one hell of a workout.” he replied. “Oh yes, we did. It was much needed too.” Joanne replied. “Guess what babes.” Carrie said. “What’s up babes?” he replied. “David left her and the kids for another woman.” she said gleefully.

James gave his wife and her friend a peculiar look. Under normal circumstances most women would be devastated by such a loss. Some even fall into a deep depression. These two were standing here smiling and laughing as if one of them had just won a trip to Cancun. “Oh babes don’t look at us like that.” she said as she noticed the confused look on his face. “I’m sorry sweetie. I guess I’m confused on how this is good news.” he replied. “You’re a man and wouldn’t understand.” she replied in between giggles. “Alright you two want to let me in on what’s so funny.” he stated, now sounding annoyed. He hated when his wife played these little sly games with him. “Oh alright, don’t be such a sour puss. It’s good news because unbeknownst to David, his prenuptial agreement is now null and void because he left the marriage and cheated. So, that means Joanne is entitled to half of everything he owns, including that heft trust fund his parents left behind when they died six months ago.” she explained. “Oh well, I guess that is a reason to be happy.” he replied. Carrie walked over and kissed his face. “I’m going upstairs to freshen up. I’ll see you in a minute Joanne.” she stated. “Alright honey. I’m going home to freshen up myself.” she replied. He watched as both woman parted ways.

A few moments later, he went upstairs to find his wife leaning against the bathroom wall with her eyes closed. He stood there for a moment admiring her naked body. He loved every aspect about her. From her curly natural hair to her pink painted toes. He admired everything about her. “James, baby stop staring at me.” she said with her eyes still closed. He didn’t know how she knew it, but every time he’d catch his wife off guard and stare at her, it’s like she could feel his presence. She did this all the time. “How’d you know I was standing there.” he asked. “Call it a sixth sense.” she replied as she smirked. He dropped his shorts and joined her in the shower. He kissed her neck while rubbing his hand around her waist. She leaned her head back on his shoulders. He turned her around to face him and kissed her long and hard. Her body melted in his. He picked her up against the wall and started nibbling on her breast. She moaned softly. He caressed her butt, while continuing to nibble on her breast. She rubbed the back of his head and leaned down to kiss him. He put her down and fell to his knees. His face met her middle where he began to plant small kisses. He watched as her face told him everything he wanted to know. As she was about to climax, there was a knock at the bathroom door. “Daddy, there’s someone at the door.” Jr. yelled. They both laughed. “Alright Jr., I’ll be there in a minute. Go back and sit down.” he replied. They hurried out the shower. James brushed his teeth again and made his way downstairs.




Just as Carrie emerged from the shower, she heard James call out from downstairs, “Baby Joanne is out here for you!” “Already, tell her I’ll be down in a second.” she replied. She quickly washed her face and went over to the closet and pulled out her favorite pair of jean shorts and tank top shirt. She put on lotion and deodorant and got dressed. A few moments later she went downstairs to find Joanne, James and Jr. all sitting on the couch watching television. She gave the scene before her a puzzled look. “This chick is sitting too close to my husband. Going to have to watch her.” she thought to herself. “Hey Jo, what’s up.” she said. “Oh hey girl. I didn’t even notice you standing there. I just came over to get out of my house. With my kids at my mom’s house, I get kind of bored at mine.” she replied. “Oh girl it’s no problem. Let’s go out on the lanai and let the men have the front room.” she sneered while glancing at James. He looked back at her and chuckled.




Carrie went into the kitchen and grabbed some wine glasses and a bottle of wine from the cabinet. She went outside on the lanai and set them down on the table where Joanne was seated. “Ill be right back, I’m going to get the ice bucket.” she stated as she made her way back to the kitchen. She opened the cabinet and pulled the ice bucket down and put it on the counter. Just as she opened the freezer door, it was abruptly slammed. “James what are you doing?” she asked, trying to mask the annoyance that was welling up in her voice. “I do not trust that woman. She is up to something.” he replied in a low whisper. “What are you talking about?” she asked. “Just trust me on this babe. There is something about her.” he replied. She rolled her eyes. “Whatever James.” she scoffed. She finished putting the ice in the bucket and closed the freezer door. When she walked over to the glass door, she noticed something strange about Joanne. A few days ago, when she came over, her face was so badly beaten that her eyes were swollen shut. Today, her face and skin were just as clear. It’s almost like she hadn’t even been touched. She made a mental note to ask her about it at a later time. She made her way out to the lanai and set the ice bucket down. Just as she was about to pour the wine, Joanne stood up. Carrie jumped at the sudden move. “I’m sorry dear. I didn’t mean to startle you. It’s just that I can no longer hold in my attraction to you.” Joanne explained. Carrie swallowed hard. She attempted to put the glass on the table, but missed. She attempted to gather herself when she heard the glass hit the ground. “Excuse me?” was all she could manage before Joanne leaned in to kiss her. Joanne backed up when she heard the glass door open and James yelling for Carrie. She quickly ran in the house and up the stairs. James directed Joanne to the front door and sternly informed her that she was no longer welcomed in their home. He then went upstairs to find his wife.

Practice What You Preach

Carrie laid in the bed for a few moments staring up at the ceiling. Her mind was racing heavily. She hadn’t told James about Philip. His prison sentence made his existence null and void. She thought there’d never be a day where she’d have to bring him up. Talk about life throwing curve balls. She had to figure out a way to tell him everything.  She finally sat up on the bed. She took deep breaths to calm her nerves. She needed to be relaxed so she could help James tend to Jr. Just as she was about to get up from the bed, James entered the room. She felt her knees go weak and she collapsed back down on the bed. “Lord I hope he wasn’t eaves dropping at the door.” she thought to herself. She knew James had a habit of eaves dropping on her conversations and then bringing them up in later arguments. She hated it. “Why can’t you respect my privacy? You always complaining about me acting funny when I get on the phone, this is why! You always in my business.”she hissed. James knew she hated it, but he didn’t care. After all he’s put her through, he was just trying to make sure she wasn’t planning any revenge tactics. 

She noticed her husband’s rigid demeanor. She swallowed hard. She knew he had been listening at the door. “So, where do you want me to start?” she asked. “You can start by telling me why your sister felt so comfortable giving our address out to someone in prison. Secondly, who is Philip? Thirdly, what does she have to fix?” he demanded. Carried got up and reached for her husbands hand. “Where’s Jr.?” she asked. “He’s downstairs watching television.” he replied. She motioned for him to lay on his stomach on the bed. He didn’t have a shirt on, so this made it easier for her. She climbed on his back and made herself comfortable. She reached for the baby oil she kept on the night stand. “I hope you don’t have anywhere to be, because this is going to be a long story.” she stated. “I’m all ears.” he countered. She proceeded to massage his back while telling the story behind her and Philip’s relationship. 

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A few moments later, James attempted to get up from the bed. Carrie quickly hopped off of him. “Carrie at what point were you going to inform me that your ex-boyfriend is a murdering drug dealer? At what point were you going to make it a point to even inform me of that?” he boomed. “James, I just told you, I didn’t think it was even necessary. I was at the trials. The judge handed him a sentence of 45 years to life. That was it for me. That chapter of my life closed. There was no need to bring that extra baggage with me.” she explained. “Carrie I get all that, but you don’t think this man is fool enough to try something? Like truth be told, I’m a little concerned.” he stated. She gave him a peculiar look. Of all the people in the world, she never thought her macho man husband would be concerned. “Don’t look at me like that. I said concerned, not scared. I have a family that I am trying to keep together. I know I haven’t been the best husband, but I’ve been doing a damn good job of reconciling. I’ll be damned if I let some prison punk come take that away from me.” he boomed. “No one is taking anything away from you.” she assured. She loved it when her husband talked like this. It gave her a feeling of security.  It also turned her own. His rugged demeanor was her biggest weakness. It made her body succumb to his every need. If it wasn’t for Jr. being downstairs, she’d have made passionate love to him right then and there.

Just as they emerged from the bedroom, they were met with the sound of the doorbell. “Now who is it?” Carrie asked, annoyed. “I have no idea. I’m not expecting anyone.” James said as he made his way downstairs. He walked over to the door and peeped through the peephole. “Well, who is it?” Carrie asked impatiently. “It’s the neighbor.” James whispered. Both looked at each other. They’ve been in their house for almost three years now and not once has the neighbors ever knocked on their door. “Open up and see what she wants.” Carrie stated. He opened the door and was horrified at the site before him. There stood his neighbor bloodied and bruised as if she had just been in World War II. They both gasped. “Oh my God! Joanne what happened to you?” Carrie asked. “It’s David. He’s been drinking again.” she stated through whimpers. She motioned for her to come inside. “Hey Jr. honey, go with your daddy. I’ll be up in a minute.” she said. Jr. ran over to his father and they both went up the stairs and disappeared into the bedroom. “My Lord Joanne. You are nobody’s punching bag. How long has this been going on?” Carrie asked. “It started six months ago when he got laid off. He drinks all day. He yells all day. It’s frightening Carrie. I’m afraid for my children.” she cried. “Joanne you have to get out of that situation. This is not healthy for you, nor the kids. By the way, where are the children?” “I sent them to my mom’s house.” “Alright, thank heaven. Sweetie you can’t live like this.” “I know. I’m just not sure how to leave.” “Well honey, you need to find a way. This is only going to get worse. I hate to see them dragging you out in a body bag.” Carrie stated. She watched as Joanne broke down in tears. She walked over and gave her a warm washcloth and consoled her. “I’m sorry to just barge in here on you all like this. I had nowhere else to turn.” Joanne cried. “Oh, girl it is alright. Any time you want to talk, I’m here. Let’s go out back and sip some wine, to relax you.” Carrie suggested. Joanne let out a half smile and followed Carrie out back.

Just as she was gathering the wine glasses from the kitchen, there was loud banging at the door. “Joanne you in there! Get out here now!” David shouted. Carrie looked over and noticed a frightened Joanne standing in the doorway. He continued banging on the door. “Go out back, I’ll be there in a minute.” she told Joanne. She sat the wine glasses down on the counter. Before she could get to the door, James emerged from the bedroom with his gun by his side. “Carrie what is going on down here?” he boomed. Just as she was about to tell him, the banging continued. “Who the hell is that?” “That is David. He’s trying to get Joanne.” “Where is she?” “Out back on the lanai. ” she stated, pointing to open glass door. James rushed down the stairs to open the door. “Aye homeboy, you are going to have to stop banging on my door like that. I have child in here!” he shouted. “Where is my wife? I need her home now!” David demanded. “First of all you are going to calm down before you come up in here!” James demanded. David looked at James and then noticed the gun in his hand. “I don’t want any trouble, I just want to speak to my wife.” David said, in a low tone. Carrie looked back and noticed Joanne coming from the patio. “It’s alright David. I’m coming.” she stated. Carrie watched as Joanne made her way up to the front to greet her husband. “Joanne are you going to be alright?” Carrie asked. “Yes, I’ll be fine.” she mumbled. With that, the two of them exited the house. James and Carrie watched helplessly. Who knows what kind of destruction was unfolding in their house. “All I can do is pray that God sends her an angel in the midst of her turmoil.” Carrie stated. With that, she turned around and went upstairs.