Decietful Lovers: Part 1

Jasper emerged in front of my car motioning for me to stop. Just as I stopped, another buller hit my car this time shattering my back windshield. I screamed as I ducked down before anymore bullets rang out and I end up another slab in the morgue. Jasper looked at me through my driver’s side window and motioned for me to stay in the car. I eased up a bit just to see where it was he was aiming his gun. When my eyes landed on his location, I was shocked. The gun shots were coming from the guard station. My heart began to race. “What the fuck?” I mumbled. I grabbed my phone and turned on the camera app aiming at the guard station. I was able to zoom in on the picture to get a better look at the guard in the station. To my surprise it was the same guard whom I had just paid for the additional thirty minutes with Joe.


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