Eternity: The First Taste

As I sit on the porch, the wind caressing my face and tickling my skin, I closed my eyes  and drifted to a land of eternity. A land where love is kind. A land where life is celebrated. A land where lust is forbidden. A land of harmony and peace. A land where music embellishes the air and the aroma of happiness heightens your senses. I loved this land. Going to this land made me feel free. I was oblivious to the world around me and the reality I lived in. I was content there. I never wanted to leave. I tried to visit this land as often as I could. This land embraced me. This land consumed me. After a few moments of wallowing in my false sense of reality, I was forced to come back to earth. The sound of footsteps approaching from behind made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. My skin  started to tingle as the voice whispered “If you want to stay in your fantasy land, then come inside. I have the stuff you need to keep you there.” I sat there for a moment. Dazed and confused. The sound of the voice from behind  made my heart beat fast and my adrenaline race. I loved my land. I needed my land. He had my land in the palm of his hands. All I had to do was go inside. Still dazed I replied “Ok. What do I have to do for it?” “Come inside and find out.” he replied. I got up and followed him. He led me to the bedroom where there was a dingy sheet and a torn blanket across the bed. I became overwhelmed. A feeling of anxiety washed over me as I looked around the room. “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to go back to your fantasy land?” he asked. I moved over to the bed and started to take off my clothes. I kept my eyes focused on the floor. It made it much easier to deal with. I laid down on the bed and clothes my eyes. I tried to go back to my land of eternity. It was no use. I felt him ram inside of me and I snapped back into reality. He ram inside of me over and over again. Hard, like a bulldozer tearing down a building. When it was over, I could feel his energy coming out of me. I laid there in the bed for a minute. I tried to erase what just happened out of my mind. I got up and grabbed the torn blanket and wiped off. “Am I able to go back to my land now?” I asked with my eyes still focused on the floor. “Sure you can. It’s on the dresser.” he replied. I turned to the dresser and saw it. Two pills. I grabbed them off the dresser and ran out of the room. I went back outside, where the wind was so peaceful. The air was still singing and the trees were still smiling. I sat down as I waited for the pills to consume me. I waited a few minutes until I was once again swept back into the land of eternity. 


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