Tourist- Really Not Really


So while traveling is on my bucket list of things to do, I don’t really get the chance to do it often. But, when I do, I make the best of it.

So maybe about three years ago, me and my family went on vacation to New York City. While many of them had been there, this had been my first time. I remember smelling the city as we went down to Madison Square Garden. My cousin took me on the subway train, which I had never been on. We past by Jamaica Queens and the Bronx. I must say it was quite and experience. We got off on what I thought was an underground subway station. To my surprise there were all sorts of restaurants, a movie theater, a few outlet stores, a nail salon, and so much more. I was so overwhelmed with excitement, my head started to hurt. I see New York on television all the time, and all they show are the crime infested, trashy parts. They never show the city as a whole.

When we got to Madison Square Garden, it was bright. I mean city lights everywhere. Let’s keep in mind that it is now 1 am. I asked my cousin are there always people down here like this at this time of night. He told me that when they say New York is the city that never sleeps, they mean just that. I was in awe. Where I’m from, the streets are empty at 1 am. Everything is closed and only street lights illuminate the dark.

During my time there I took pictures with several superheros and cartoon characters. I took a picture with Elmo from Sesame St. I took a picture with Batman, Spiderman and Superwoman. I even took a picture of the Broadway musical The Lion King. While I didn’t get to actually see the musical, there were enough pictures posted depicting all that would happen. We went in shoe stores, sex stores, clothing stores, and what ever other stores open.

The best part about walking around downtown New York is the pizza. The pizzas are absolutely delicious. They are huge and worth every penny. I ordered two because they look so scrumptious. This was my eyes being bigger than my stomach. I was only able to eat a half of one. I split the other half with my daughter.

While most people think of tourist as people who come from different states and travel all over the world, I think of tourist as explorers. You don’t have to go out of the state to be a tourist. Going to New York city for the first time made me a tourist. I was able to explore different venues. Capture every scene, and mingle among the plethora of people walking the streets.

While this was written as a response to the daily one-word prompt   this is my account of tourist. I was one! When I get the opportunity again, I’ll be a tourist several times in my life.





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