Water: The Relaxing Music

Water the most soothing of all sounds. It stimulates the mind while relaxing the soul. It thumps against the window pane in a majestic sound. It falls from the sky when heaven opens the gates. It sails you on a journey a quest of your own fate. Its glossy surface so pure, so clean.I embraces your tightly, like king does his queen. Water is a force so powerful and strong. It flows around the earth like words to a song. Water comes in many different forms such as lakes and rivers. We anticipate the adventures that some delivers.

Water has many colors from green to blue.Polishing your soul to a lighter hue. Water is calm, water is fast. It speeds through the wind like a stormy winter blast.


Water outlines the grass and give it its glow. It moves on its own to depths we’ll never know. Water is the quiet after the storm. Uplifting your senses like a liquid platform.


This was written in response to the daily post https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/water/   Water is truly the relaxing music. it gives life to a room and calms your senses. Water is also a good for meditation. While closing your eyes allow the sound of water to take you away.





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