Eternity: The Forbidden Fruit

As I lay in the bed staring at the ceiling, my mind begin to race. I started thinking about my life before eternity came in and consumed me. I started to think about all the opportunities I messed over. All the people I turned my back on. All the friends that shunned me. All the men that degraded me. Most of all I thought about my daughter. I thought about the joy she brought to my heart. The light that shined so bright behind her smile. Then I thought about that tragic night that took her away from me. The wreckage was so bad. It was barely recognizable. I screamed frantically as I tried to wake her up. “Sierra! Sierra! Come one baby wake up!” I cried. It was no use. She wouldn’t move. I sat there holding her lifeless body in my arms. I couldn’t believe she was gone. My only reason to live. My only reason I got up in the morning. The only reason my days were filled with joy. It was taken away. At the hands of a drunk driver speeding around a curb going 75 miles an hour. Tears started to roll down my face the more I thought about that night. I turned over on my side and closed my eyes as I tried to make my thoughts shift to something else. It was no use. I got up and went to the bathroom. I turned on the water and rinsed my face. As I dried it off, I noticed my reflection in the mirror. I stared at it shocked by the sight before me. This wasn’t me. I used to be vibrant. So full of life. What stood before me was a shell of the woman I used to be. Scarred by the turmoil that destroyed me. I quickly turned away and walked back to the bedroom. I went over to the dresser where I kept eternity. I sat down as I prepared for it to consume and take me back to my happy place. When it was all over, I was still craving it. I still wanted to be in eternity. I waited a few minutes before I got off the bed and went to my purse. I pulled out $100 bill, slipped on my shoes and grabbed my keys. I headed out the door and down the street to the pharmacy. Before I could knock on the door, he appeared before me. “Come to get some more?” he asked. I nodded. “Come on in.” he stated. He moved to the side and opened the door wider as I walked inside. I looked around the room at all the people scattered on the floor. Consumers looking of their piece of eternity. Workers trying to make another dollar. “I need some more eternity. Do you have any?” I asked still glancing around the room. “Eternity hasn’t come in yet. But, I have something else you can try?” he suggested. “Like what?” I asked. “Come on back and let me show you.” he replied. I followed as he led me to a back room where he kept all of his merchandise. I stood in the door and watched as he went to a back closet and pulled out a silver suitcase. I watched as he opened it and pulled out three red vials. “What is it?” I asked. “This is called the forbidden fruit. This will take you to eternity and keep you there a little while longer.” he explained. “How much?” I asked. “For these three? I can do $75.” he bargained. I handed him the $100 bill and took the vials. I waited patiently as he counted out my change and handed it to me. “Thank you.” I replied as I turned to walk out of the house. When I got back to my room, I put my key and change in my purse and sat down on the bed. I stared at the small vials in my hand. I wondered “Is this really stronger than eternity? Can it really keep me there longer?” I grabbed my handle off the dresser and prepared to eat from the forbidden fruit. I sat back on the bed, and waited as it took me to the Garden of Eden. A land of paradise. A land of sweet sweet satisfaction.


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