Clouds: Shapes or Illusions

Lovingly - Clouds with heart shape

When I was a young girl, me and my cousins would be outside playing and every now and then we’d look up in the sky and see the clouds gliding across the sky. Some would move in one direction and some would be still. Some would shield the sun as the rays peaked from behind. Others would darken the sky as they released a shower to cool the air.

One day we were outside playing and I so happen to look up and one cloud had taken the shape of a dinosaur. I grabbed my cousin’s attention and pointed to the sky. We watched as he clouds took on shapes of a dog, a bird, a cat and a lion. We sat and waited to see what other shapes they’d form and then all of sudden they were gone. We figured they had to form bigger shapes so they needed more clouds. We waited for like 20 minutes watching the sky. When nothing formed we went back to playing. I looked up again and some clouds had taken on the shape of a star. I again grabbed my cousin’s attention and watched as they took on other shapes. We ran inside to get my grandma to show her the awesome cloud show and when we came back, they were gone. We were speechless. She looked at me and asked “Where’d the clouds go?” I looked at her and then looked back at the sky. The only thing up there were gliding clouds. No shape, no form or nothing. As I got older, I would often watch the sky to see if this phenomena would happen again and til this day it never has. Looking back on it today, I often wonder were those illusions? Shapes formed in my head so I pictured them as clouds? Or were there really shapes in the sky? Experiences like this really make you think about the unexplained universe we live in. This was a lasting memory I will never forget.


Even though this was written in response to  clouds are truly a phenomena all by itself. They have their own unexplained answers.


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