Eternity: Point of No Return

“Hey girl. Come on get up.” Was all I heard as constant taps against my face woke me up. I opened my eyes only to be blinded by a bright light. I continued to peek around the room to familiarize myself with my surroundings. “Girl! You were out like a light! What were you on?” the girl asked. “It’s called the Forbidden Fruit. Where am I? How long have I been out?” “You’re in the kitchen and you’ve only been out for a few hours.” “That’s it a few hours? God, it feels like days.” She helped me to my feet as I struggled to get off the floor. I staggered to my room and collapsed on the bed. I laid there for a minute as I tried to remember the events before it consumed me. I closed my eyes tightly and images started to form, reminding me of why I ate from the forbidden fruit. I opened my eyes again trying not to see them, but the light kept forcing me to close them. The second time I closed them an image of men standing around me. Their pants to their feet. Their manhood erect. Ready to release their energy inside me. I opened my eyes again as the images made my stomach turn. I jumped up off the bed and ran to the toilet where I let out all of the pain from a few hours ago. I leaned back on the tub as the tears streamed down my face. I felt a slight burn just at the corner of my nose and I stood up to look in the mirror. The bruises. The black eye. The busted lip. All a constant reminder of why I ate from the fruit. I learned over to turn on the shower. I walked out of the bathroom to get some clothes and grab my towel. I went back in and felt the water tempterature. It wasn’t hot enough. I turned up the heat and got in. I cringed as the sting of the water pierced my body. I stood in the shower as the steam filled the room and the heat made it hard to breath. I thought about it. Right here, right now. I thought about it. Taking my own life. I could be at peace. I could see Sierra again. Nobody would bother me. Abuse me. Punish me. Shame me. Nobdy would notice. I felt my body begin to weaken as the shower drained the what little energy I had left. I grabbed the tub stopper and contemplated drowning myself. I held it in my hand as I stared at it long and hard. The burning sting of tears welling up in my eyes snapped me back to reality. I wiped my eyes as I pushed the thought to the back of my head. I reached for the soap and wash cloth and started to wash the pain away. I moved under the water and watched as all my pain rinsed down the drain. Never to be seen again. Never having to be a constant reminder of today. I turned the shower off and reached for my towel. As I stepped out of the tub a voice called out from the room “Hey bitch! You in here?” “Yea, I’m in the bathroom.” I shouted. “Oh, I’m going to get something to eat. You want anything?” “Yea, get me my usual. Money is in the box on the dresser.” “Ok.” she replied as she turned to leave. I put on my clothes and emerged from the bathroom, only to find her rummaging through my clothes. “What the hell are you doing?” She turned to me. Panic across her face. “Get the fuck outta here!” I shouted. Just as she attempted to leave the room, I caught her. Caught her by her hair. I tightly wrapped it tightly around my fist. She looked at me. Horror in her eyes. “Give me back my shit, before I punch another hole in your mouth.” She frantically dug through her pockets as she dropped all my money and jewelry.  “All of it!” She frantically dug through her other pockets as she dropped more of my money. I searched her while her hair was still grasped in my fist. I searched through her bra. Noticing the softness of her breast. I searched through her pants noticing the wetness between her legs. I searched her backside admiring the firmness of her ass. This turned me on. I yanked her back in my room and slammed the door. I threw her on the bed as I ripped her clothes off. She watched in horror as I removed my clothes and climbed on top of her. I pinned her to bed and put my pussy in her face. “You want to steal from me, you gone pay for that shit.” She stuck her tongue out and worked it in a slow circular motion. I moaned as I rocked back and forth on her face. “Yes bitch. That’s it. Work that shit.” I said as the flicks of her tongue sped up. I grabbed her by her hair again and rammed her tongue into me. In and out. Roughly. Painfully. Hard. Just as I felt myself climax, I put her face deep in my pussy. So deep I could hear her gasps for air. I released her hair and eased on to the bed. She laid still as if she was contemplating my next move. I could tell women weren’t her thing. To be honest, they weren’t mine either. A look of disgust crossed her face. She took her hand and frantically wiped my juices from it. I smirked as my pussy throbbed wanting more. Her tongue was so soft. So moist. So big. Just as she tried to get up out of the bed, I pinned her arm down with my foot. “Uh uh bitch. I’m not done with you yet.” A tear rolled down her face as she sat trying to figure out what I was going to do to her. I jumped up off the bed and pushed her face between my legs again. I shivered as her tongue massaged my clit and juices dripped down my legs. I wet my finger and eased it inside of her. Her body stiffened. I took it back out. She relaxed. I eased it back inside of her. She begin to moan lightly as I kept her head between my legs. I watched as she climaxed and her juices spilled on the bed. She eased her face from between my legs as I released her head. She looked at me. Confusion now crossing her face. I smirked at her. “Don’t let me catch you stealing my shit again. If I do, you see that stick over there?” she nodded frantically. “That will be what you feel. Now get out of here.” I pushed her off the bed and watched as she scrambled out of the room. I lay back on the bed still recovering from the orgasms that had consumed me. I reached over for my box that contained my forbidden fruit. I sat up as I prepared to let it consume me. Just as it was about to take over, I felt the urge to regurgitate. I ran to the toilet and relaeased it down the toilet. I opened the mirror and found the pregnancy test I bought the last time I went to the store. I used the restroom and waited for it to say yes or no. My heart sank as the words pregnant appeared in the window. How? From who? Pregnant? This can’t be right. I ran back to the bed and ate from my fruit. Pretty soon, it would all be a blurr. This would be a freakish nightmare I’d wake up from. Pretty soon, it would all just fade away.


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