Perfection: Imperfection


Perfection. What is perfection? Is it you? Is it me? When you talk about perfection, what do you really mean? Let’s be honest, is perfection really a way of life or is that a worldly standard. Truth be told neither one of us are perfect. We live in an imperfect world. We live an imperfect life. So how can we be truly perfect. Is this justified by the way people see us? Is this justified by the way we carry ourselves? Or is it the way we perceive ourselves? To think of yourself as being perfect is a clear indicator that you aren’t really free. You are still caught up in thoughts of the world. To be perfect means you have stunted your growth. You are stagnant in quest for progression. Believing in perfection is having a false sense of comfort. To think of being perfect is the clear definition of imperfection.

Growing up, my parents would always tell me nobody’s perfect but God. I used to despise this saying, because I truly believed I was perfect. Then I got older and realized perfect people make mistakes as well. Perfect people live in chaos. Perfect people have tragedies in their lives. Perfect people have misery accompany them. Perfect people also fail. Imperfect people corrects or learns from their mistakes. Imperfect people find order in chaos. Imperfect people overcome tragedies. Imperfect people learn to leave misery by itself. Most of all, imperfect people learn to get back up again.

Before I go, ask yourself, are you truly perfect? Do you truly believe in perfection? If you do, what makes you so different? If you don’t how do you handle the challenges of being so normal? This was written in response to


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