Burning Bridges

While I sat in the car waiting on my sister, a guy approached my car and motioned for me to roll down my window. I sat there staring at him for a minute contemplating whether or not I should roll down the window, considering the type of neighborhood we were in. After about a few more minutes, I decided to crack the window to see what he wanted. “Excuse me ma’am, I know you don’t know me, but I was wondering could you help me and my wife move a couple of boxes upstairs.” “Oh, ok. Sure. Where are they?” “They are right over here.” I looked in the direction he was pointing, and noticed a homely woman standing in the doorway. She had on what appeared to be her house cleaning attire and a scarf around her head. I got out the car and followed the man up the driveway. Just as I entered the house, I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and I immediately fell to floor. I grabbed the back of my head and felt the moisture. I brought my hand down and to my surprise it was blood. Just as I was about to cry out, another sharp pain hit my head and blackness consumed me.

As I began to come to, I saw blury images of a man sitting in front of me. I let out light moans as the pains in my head begin to hit me hard. I almost had my vision back as I was slapped across the face. I attempted to grab the side of my face and noticed my hands were tied. I looked down and saw my feet were taped to the chair. “What’s going on? Where’s my sister?” I shouted. “Oh don’t worry about her. She’s fine.” the woman assured. “What the hell is this? Why am I here?” I spat. “In due time sweetie, you will understand.” the woman explained. I watched as she paced the floor . I assumed she was trying to figure out whether or not she’d slap me again. I glanced over at the guy sitting on the stool. I noticed a sinister smile creep across his face. My heart started to race. What the hell was going on? I knew I shouldn’t have opened my window. Where the hell was my sister. 

A few moments later, the woman stopped pacing the floor as she walked over to answer her ringing phone. I watched as she gave short responses to whomever was on the other end. She looked in my direction and smirked as she stood with phone still up to her ear. I averted my eyes towards the corner. Not wanting her to sense the fear in them. Just as I glanced up, the door opened and in walked my sister. I felt a sigh of relief. That is until my husband emerged from behind her. Now I was confused. What the hell was really going on. “Hey sissy, you look comfortable.” she stated. I watched as she entered the room completely, allowing my husband to shut the door. “My beautiful wife. So perfect. So kind-hearted. So loyal.” he mocked. “What is this? What the fuck are you doing?” I asked. “Aww look baby she wants to know what we’re doing?” she whined. They both chuckled. “Well sister, in case you hadn’t noticed, your husband has been screwing me for the last three years. He’s already planned to divorce you and take all your money and run off with me.” she explained. The sting of her word burned. I felt a lump form in my throat. We’ve been married for five years. I gave this man all the dedication in the world and he’s been sleeping with my sister. My sister! Of all people. I felt my hurt turn to rage as she continued, “See the plan was to leave you while you were at work. That way you wouldn’t suspect a thing until you got off. When you got pregnant, that plan backfired. So we had to think of another way. We decided, we’d kidnap you, murder you an your unborn child, dispose of your body and then I’d file a missing persons report. I’d tell everyone you and your husband got into an arguement, you left and that was that. You’d be out of our lives forever.” Oh my God! My sister and my husband had plotted to kill me. The very sister who I’d helped relentless times. From one abusive relationship to the next. From drug addiction, from prostitution. I even bailed her out of jail. Now she was planning to kill me and run off with my husband. This sick bitch. I groaned as I watched them two slob each other down. I screamed and tried to wiggle my way out of the chair just so I could strangle to both of them. I felt the woman put all of her body weight down on me to keep me from moving anymore. When I finally stopped, my sister had a gun aimed right at my forehead. Before she could pull the trigger, the police burst in, guns aimed. “Police! Freeze! Everybody on the ground!” he shouted. I watched as my sister dropped the gun and my husband threw his hand in the air. They were petrified. “Are you ok ma’am?” the officer asked. “I have a gash to the back of my head, other than that I’m fine.” I explained while he loosened the restraints. “Who called you?” I asked out of curiosity. As I my hands were freed, my mom walked in. I let out a sigh of relief as tears rolled down my face. “How did you know?” I asked. “You think I don’t know my own children. Your sister has been a thorn in my side since the day she was born. I’ve done nothing but try to help her, and each time she has betrayed me. I put up with a lot things from her over the years, but taking the life of your own flesh and blood, I will not tolerate. She’s burned many bridges with me and each time I’ve rebuilt them. Not this time. This is the last straw. I can no longer keep sending her life jackets to save her from the deep waters she puts herself in. She’s just going to have to watch as the this bridge goes up and flames and her life explodes.”

Inspired by me,




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