Decietful Lovers cont’d

As Jasper emerged from the car, she backed up. “Connie, what the hell do you want?” he asked. “Who the hell is that in your car? This is who you’ve been ignoring me for? What’s so special about her?” she whined. “Connie go home. I’m in no mood for any of your tricks!” he demanded. “Tricks? This isn’t a damn magic show! I didn’t come here to do tricks!” she yelled. “What do you want?” he asked frustration rising in his voice. “I want you to get rid of her.” She demanded. He let out a like chuckle. “Get rid of her? For what? For you? I don’t think so. I’m fine and so is she.” He spat. “Fine. I’ll get rid of her for you?” she replied right as she aimed a gun at me and fired. I ducked just before the bullet hit my head. I peeked up at Jasper, who was now moving towards Connie. “Listen bitch, you do that again and you’ll be the one in a body bag!” he warned. “You threatening me?” she mocked. “It’s not a threat.” He replied coldly. I watched as all the color drained from her face. “I’m sorry Jasper.” She replied just as she aimed the gun at his chest and fired.


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