Ideal Writing Setting


A laptop at a desk, set in a beautiful outdoor garden

So this post will be rather short, as I talk about an ideal writing setting for me. In order for me to write, I just need peace and quiet. To be free from distraction so that i am able to think. Sometimes I am able to write while I’m at work, but I still have deadlines to meet. I can think and concentrate at work, because there are no distractions in my workplace. The only downside is I have to meet production, so sometimes I flip flop back and forth from work to this. I type on here during my breaks. Sometimes I have a lot of topics to blog about. Try posting all those in 15 minutes. It’s impossible.

The best time for me to write is at night. Everyone in my house is sleep. I’m the only one up. I don’t have my daughter talking my head off, nor do I have my boyfriend interrupting me with his goofy antics. At night is the best time for me to let my creativity flow. I can let all of my thoughts free. Some people can write in park, but if I’m at a park, I usually have my daughter with me so nine times out of ten, I’m trying to keep an eye on her. A coffee shop can be alright, but people (the waitor or waitress) easily distracts me and I loose my thought. Writing is a skill and it takes a lot of concentration. Every word has to fall in tune with the next, or else it doesn’t make sense.

I sit down on my couch at night, put on a good movie and let my creativity flow. I turn the television down so that I am able to think. Sometimes I may listen to music, but because I am talented in singing, depending on what song comes on I have a tendency to sing along. Again I loose my thought.

So all in all my ideal writing setting is my living room couch. It’s my place of zen



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