Are you Brave or Not?

Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.

-George Bernard Shaw

I’m not really a person who likes to speak on all the things going on in the world, because you never get the full complete story. The media will have some information on an incident or some sort of horrific tragedy, and yet you have like seven or eight different news articles telling different stories. Either this news channel didn’t say this, or this news channel forgot to mention that, or whatever the case may be, it’s never the complete detail. Unless you were there to witness the scene yourself, you are going to be just as confused as everyone else.

Most of the media today is circled around racial inequality, and sexual bias. For starters, I’m sure everyone has heard about the two gentlemen who lost their lives at the hands of police officers. Looking at the videos surface on social media, will make anyone feel sorrow for the victim and their families, and feel outraged at the carelessness of those police officers. But, what the media is doing is not going to fix the problem. You hear a lot of people say they hate the police, but don’t really have a reason why. But what really makes you hate the police? Is it that you fear them? Do they make you feel inferior to them? Some of them do. Some of them use their power to intimidate citizens. Some of them use threats to force you to cooperate. As you can see, they even resort to violence. But ask yourself, is it all cops? Can the mistake of a few really cause you to look at all police officers in this light? If this is so, then you already have a bias against police officers. You can’t blame these and past incidents for your reasoning behind the hatred of police officers. I encounter police officers all the time, and for the most part, they’ve been very pleasant to talk to. I’ve even been pulled over a few times for driving on a suspended license. While I was supposed to go to jail, he didn’t take me. Not because I bribed him, or did anything, he just didn’t feel it was necessary to take me. It was his discretion. Just like the police officers in Baton Rouge, LA and Minnesota. It was their discretion to use excessive violence. When I say discretion, I mean choice. It was their choice to shoot these gentlemen. They didn’t have to, but they chose to. Did they make the right choice? As you can see from the videos circulating around social media, it’s obvious they didn’t. Granted, I do believe that some police officers who join the police force already have a racial bias, and they hide behind their badges to carry out their hatred towards another race.

This shows that there are people out here intimidated by other races, but does that give them the right to retaliate out of their intimidation? No, it doesn’t but this is the true definition of a coward. Instead of trying to become as successful as the people you are intimidated by, some people would rather tear them down. They’d rather destroy them with lies, and made up rumors to try and demean their character. Some would even just kill you. In their eyes it’s much easier. But, then one would ask, how does that make you feel? Does it make you feel good to make up lies about a person, spread rumors that aren’t true? To watch a person literally be destroyed beyond repair at your hands? How does that make you brave? It doesn’t. It proves that you didn’t have what it took to be where they were, so you took the cruel way to get there.

We could talk about the guy who shot up the gay club in Orlando a few weeks back. No one, really knows what was going through his mind when he shot up that club. One could only speculate that his hatred went a little deeper than homosexuality. There was a story surrounding this tragedy saying, while on a trip in Miami, he saw two men kissing each other on a park bench. This angered him, so he retaliated against dozens of other innocent people. I’m not speaking on just the homosexuals that were there, because everyone in the club was not homosexual, lesbian, transgender, or otherwise. It was a mix of people. We can even speculate that his targets were gay people, but how can we know for sure? Sure we know it was one of the hottest gay clubs in Orlando, but how can we know only gays were his target. It could have been the LGBT community as a whole. There was one lady in there with her son. It’s hard to say what his agenda was when he walked in to that club. If we really evaluate the events surrounding this tragedy, I wouldn’t call him the coward in this situation. The only reason I say that is because he wasn’t initimidated by gays, lesbians, transgenders, otherwise. He wasn’t initimidated by them, no he was intimidated by his own misconception of what gays, lesbians, and transgenders represent. They represent a group of people who don’t mind standing up for what they believe in. See people think the LGBT community wants to come in and take over, not that’s not their intention. Their intention is to be recognized on the law books and have rights just like the rest of us. A long time ago, women weren’t looked at as people. Women were looked at as property. Women had to fight to have rights. Women had to fight just to work and get paid the same as their male counterparts. It’s no different from the LGBT community. What’s so wrong with them wanting to have rights? Now, I will say I don’t condone of their lifestyle, but I am not here to judge them. How can I judge them, when I’m not even living right. I don’t mind admitting my flaws and wrongdoing in the eyes of Christianity. You don’t have to agree with the way a person lives their life, but don’t block them from the opportunity live equally. The real coward in this tragedy is his ex-wife. She had knowledge of what he was going to do before he did it. She had the responsibility to stop him or report him, and she made a choice not to. She turned her responsibility into a choice, and that makes her a coward.

Intimidation should not be the reason you seek revenge on someone or something. Intimidation should be the reason you stop being intimidated. Stop letting people force you to retaliate. This is the main reason why people feel the need to carry a gun. You are intimidated by something or someone that forces you to have to have a gun. When I was growing up, walking around with a gun showed just how scared you really were. If you think resorting to violence is going to solve your problem, then you haven’t really solved your problem. You just created it.

This was written in response to yesterday’s daily prompt. I was so sleep yesterday. Don’t judge me LOL!


3 thoughts on “Are you Brave or Not?

  1. I have to comment on one thing you said…you asked can the mistakes of a few cause one to look at all of them in a different light…their silence YES. And I would use the word coward very heavily when I describe them. Whether it be the ones that don’t come forward and stand up for the black citizens being harassed because they don’t want to feel uncomfortable on their job or because they fear losing their jobs or other reasons alike…I call it all the same. When you do not stand up against something I just think that makes you as bad as them. For instance, your friend is stealing and you are with him…don’t you both go to jail because literally you are held responsible for what your friend has done while you were in his presence and in the sense that someone gets murdered and you did nothing but it was your friend, there are charges such as “accessory to murder” or “accomplice” that go along with that…and that is how I view this police situation. If you are an officer and you do nothing about it, then you are just like them. I have crossed paths with a few good cops but in my perspective, in my lifetime, in my experience and this is solely speaking as a black woman who has only dated black men the number of bad cops outweigh the good.


    1. I too am a black woman, and I completely agree with everything you are say. What I was trying to say is some, not all, but some people already have a bias against police officers. That’s what I was saying. I believe a number of cops are cowards. Thats why they became cops in the first place. To be able to act out their hatred, but have a shield to protect them while they do so

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      1. You are absolutely right and their bias for police goes deeper than what anyone can see. But yes, yes, yes absolutely some cops became cops because either they were picked on in school and feel big now with that uniform on or they just have never really excelled. There are a few good ones that are truly there to protect and serve but I just really wish they would stand up to all this going on right now. Hey can you check out my blog when you get a chance and give me your honest opinion? I have a website but I have to revamp it but you are more than welcomed to provide feedback on the web page also:; my blog is:
        Thanks so much! Your feedback would mean a lot.


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