Quote of the Day…

To educate a person in the mind, but not in morals creates a menace to society

Theodore Roosevelt

Growing up, you’d hear a lot of people say education is key. Education is what unlocks all powers. In truth, what are we really educating? Yes we go to school to learn and become smarter. We read books to educate us on various things, but is it just the mind that needs education? We grow up learning right from wrong. But, do we believe in the rights and the wrongs?

A serial killer knows it’s wrong to kill, but does he morally believe that? Before we can answer that, lets define what a serial killer is. A person who kills one person, is not a serial killer. You are just a person who killed another. A serial killer on the other hand, has no conscious. They feel nothing for their victims.No remorse, no regret, no sympathy for the victims family, nothing. They kill because it gives them a high. Some are calculated killers. Watching their victims carefully. Stalking them, learning their every move. Some are killers of opportunity. When the time presents itself, they pounce. Then there’s the impulse killers. They kill in rage. They kill in the heat of the moment. These categories of killers know it’s wrong to kill, the problem is they don’t care. They have disconnected themselves from feeling any type of empathy towards their victims. This is where morality would kick in for most, but it won’t for them.

People who believe in morality truly understand the consequences of their actions. They hold themselves to very high standards. They care how they are portrayed in the eyes of others. In order for a person to be educated in morals, it starts with their surroundings. 

To look at it from another perspective, we could define what morals are. This is being concerned with what is acceptable to you and what is not acceptable to you. If we break it down, like my example of the serial killer, most could agree that a lot things going on in society today makes society a menace to itself. People living in it, don’t care. They aren’t concerned with what is acceptable. They aren’t concerned with empathy towards other people. Because in their mind, being accepted is just a cliché. 



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