Warning before the Storm


Ever find yourself in situations that seem almost impossible to get out of? You start to ask yourself how did you wind up here? I’ll tell you why; it’s because you didn’t pay attention to the warning signs before destruction befell you. One thing I learned in life, is there are always warning signs. Whether we choose to pay attention to them or not, they are always there.

Think of it like this, we all hear the news at some point through out the day. Whether it’s on television, or listening via radio, we all hear the news. When a hurricane, tornado, tsunami, or whatever is about to occur, they come on the television or radio with warning message. They are trying to prepare everyone for the storm, or at least make sure you are ready. Well, in life it’s sort of the same thing. The only difference is we don’t have a radio or television to tell us when the storm is coming. You have to pay attention the small things. Like for instance those having relationship problems and I’m not just talking about marriage, or boyfriend and girlfriend. I’m talking about any relationship; family, friends, work, church, neighbors, whatever the case maybe. There is always a warning sign. If you are having problems with your children, pay attention to them watch them, listen to them. Children usually have an indirect way of showing that there is something wrong. If they are suddenly lashing out at you, or isolating themselves from the rest of the family. Brushing this off as just a phase may be a fatal mistake. I hear to often that parents say, they wished they had paid attention to the signs this would have never happened.

Let’s take for instance Dylann Roof, the boy who shot up the church in Charleston, SC back in June of 2015. He sat through that church service before executing just about everyone in there. His mom came on television a few months back to address her son’s mental condition. Her exact words were and I quote, “I noticed a change in him. He became withdrawn. He spent more and more time in his room on the computer with the door locked. He started to isolate himself from his friends. He stopped going outside and hanging out. If I had just paid attention to the signs, this could have been prevented.” This is prime example of warning before destruction. She neglected to pay attention to her son’s sudden behavioral change. Him shooting up that church could have been prevented if she had gotten him the help he needed. I know a lot of people don’t believe that anything was wrong with him mentally, and I don’t either. But, that doesn’t negate the fact that his mother believed she could have “saved” him and the people of that church. This is what I mean by not paying attention to the warning signs.

Even if we talk about Omar Mateen who shot up the Orlando nightclub. His ex-wife was with him when he purchased the guns and ammo used in the shooting that night. She ignored the warning sign and he gave her a clear one. She knew of his hatred and rage towards the LGBT community and she ignored it. Prime example of not paying attention to the warning signs. She claims she tried to stop it, but she didn’t put forth enough effort, because enough effort would have been to stop him from even purchasing the gun. The government didn’t pay attention to the warning signs, because he was allowed to purchase a fire arm despite him being on the FBI watch list.


These are signs right in front of our face and yet we still turn the other way. Thingking nothing will come of it, or he/she isn’t serious about what they are planning. If we keep having this mentality then more and more tragedies such as these will keep happening. In life there are no television news cast or radio warning signs to alert us when a storm is coming. We just have to be vigilant of our own actions. Acting surprised when the lights get cut off, or when they foreclose on the house, or reposses the car, is faining ignorance. All of the late letters, final notices stamped to the door, or received in the mail and all you did was brush them to the side or tossed them away is clearly ignorning signs that trouble is coming. It is important to keep your eyes open and clear to be able to notice destruction coming a mile away. This way you have a better chance of fighting it off.



Sometimes God puts us through things because we live our lives and forget that he has control. In order for us to be reminded of this, he puts us through trials and tribulations. He makes us seek him for help and guidance and once we do, he always puts us back on the right track. Even if it takes a little while, he will eventually put you back on the right path, his path. The storm you put yourself in can last as long as you want it. The more you stray away from God, the longer your storm. The faster you start to seek him for answers and advice, the quicker you will weather the storm. They don’t last always. They are temporary.Storm

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7 thoughts on “Warning before the Storm

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