Her Fragile Spirit


As Kayla’s alarm clock buzzed, she groggily searched for the snooze button. Once she hit it, she rolled back over to the middle of the bed. She put her hands over her face and sigh heavily. “Lord Jesus give me strength.” she mumbled as she rolled out of bed. She stood in the middle of the room, searching for her house shoes. When she found them, she slid them on and headed to the bathroom for her morning routine. Just as she turned on the shower, her mother called out to her “Kayla hurry up. Your breakfast is getting cold.” “Alright mom. I’ll be down in a minute.” she replied back. She jumped in the shower, bathed quickly and got out. She peeked out the door, just to make sure Tyler, her little brother wasn’t roaming the hallway. When the coast was clear, she scurried to her room where she quickly got dressed. She twirled around in the mirror, making her skirt form the shape of a tulip. She smoothed out her pink collard shirt, that matched her pink pleated skirt. She put on her silver sandals, and silver accessories to match. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail which accentuated the features of her face. She had big almond shaped eyes and the earrings she had on made them sparkle. Her skin was a smooth pecan tan which complimented the outfit she was wearing. She had full lips that glistened when she applied her lip gloss. She had high cheek bones which made her dimples noticeable.

Kayla was only 14 and was sprouting out like a 22 year old woman. She had full breast and a full body to match. Most of the girls in school, despised her because all the boys drooled at her. Even though she ignored most of them, the girls still found ways of tormenting her. She had very few friends, and she was alright with that. “Kayla I’m not going to call you again. Get down here right now young lady.” her mother yelled. She quickly exited the room and nearly flew down the stairs. “I’m here momma.” “Sit down and eat before you are late.” she demanded. Kayla did as she was told and said her grace before she ate. When she was finished, she got up put her plate in the sink and kissed her mom goodbye before she ran out the door. She grabbed her books off the porch and was greeted by Blue. Her real name was Shanae, but she hated that name. Her favorite color was blue, so she had everyone around the school call her Blue. “What’s up girl? We about to miss the bus if you don’t come on.” “I’m sorry, you know how my mom is about me eating breakfast.” They both chuckled as they made their way to the bus stop. The girls shared their own tidbit of gossip being heard around the school as they approached the bus stop. “Oh Lord, there’s Reese. I can’t stand her.” “Child don’t worry about her.” “I’m not, I just don’t like the way she did Jesse.” “What did she do?” “Jesse was her best friend. She had sex with Mark, Jesse’s boyfriend.” What! No way! How’d you find out?” “Prince. Mark’s brother. He was home the whole time. They didn’t know it though. He told Reese and it was all downhill from there.” “I always knew that girl was too hot in the butt.” They chuckled. They stood around talking to the other students while waiting for the bus to arrive.

When the bus finally arrived, they all piled on, two at a time. When it was Kayla’s turn to enter the bus, unbeknownst to her, Sheree stuck her foot out and tripped her. Kayla tumbled down the stairs where her dress flew up. Everyone could see her underwear. She got up and quickly pulled her skirt down. All the kids laughed and pointed. Kayla tried hard to suppress her tears, but it was no use. She was too embarassed. She quickly grabbed her things and headed to the back of the bus. “Hey! Why don’t you pick on someone else? Why you always gotta mess with her.” Blue shouted. “Oh shut up. Her fat butt needs to watch where she’s going.” Sheree snapped. The kids continued to chuckle and laugh in silence. “You know, one day someone is going to kick your butt. I hope they knock your teeth out and make you as ugly as your spirit.” Blue retorted. Sheree huffed and turned back around. Kayla sat in the back of the bus quietly crying. She couldn’t understand why Sheree hated her so much. She had never done anything to her. Heck she barely even spoke to her. She couldn’t understand it. A few moments later, her thoughts were interrupted by Blue’s touch. “Don’t worry about her. One day someone is going to deal with her.” “I just don’t get why she does this to me. She doesn’t mess with anyone else in the school like this.” “That’s because she knows you won’t fight back.” “I don’t want to fight her Blue.” “You don’t always have to win a battle physicially Kay. Sometimes you can win your battle with words.” Kayla wiped her tears and hugged her friend. Blue was really special to her. She was always there when no one else was. Blue was her only friend.

When they arrived at school, Kayla made sure to be the last one off. This way she wouldn’t be subjected to anymore of Sheree’s antics. She cautiously stepped off the bus and hurried to her locker. She was hoping Sheree didn’t notice her. She had a habit of ridiculing her in front of everyone in the hallway. Of course Blue was always there to save her, but she didn’t have the energy to deal with her today. After the fall she took this morning, not only was her spirit bruised, but so was her legs and arm. When she finally made it to her locker, she let out a sigh of relief. She put the combination in the lock and opened it. She put her books inside and searched for her homework. She was so distracted with finding it, that she hadn’t noticed the presence behind her. “What’s up pretty lady.” She jumped around and let out a light screech. “Oh Kenneth. I’m sorry I didn’t hear you come up.” she replied while holding her chest. “Whoa ma! I didn’t mean to scare you.” “No, it’s fine. I should have been more alert.” “Something wrong Kay? You look rattled.” “No, nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.” “Sheree again huh?” She dropped her shoulders. “How’d you know?” “For starters your eyes are puffy. Your face is red, and you’re anxious.” “I just don’t know what it is about her. Why does she hate me so.” “She doens’t hate you. She hates herself. She belittles you to make herself feel better.” Kayla and Kenneth were interrupted by the sound of Sheree’s voice. “Aww look at Kenneth trying to console the big pink blob.” she teased. “You know what Sheree if your head wasn’t so full of make-up you probably could pass all your classes. While you’re clowning Kayla, let’s see if you can clown your math test as well.” Kenneth spat. The hallway ceased it’s laughter and turned it’s attention to Sheree. Kayla let out a half-hearted smirk. She wasn’t expecting Kenneth to come to her defense like he did. Everyone watched as Sheree ran off down the hall. She was sure her ego was bruised. 

Kayla closed her locker and Kenneth escorted her to class. They had first period together. When they got to the classroom, they parted ways to their seats. Their teacher Mrs. Black gave the class assigned seating, so as not to seat friends together. This was her way of keeping distractions to a minimum. Needless to say for Kenneth and Kayla, that didn’t work. They found ways to communicate with each other. Kenneth and Kayla had been dating each other since middle school. Kayla was always the quiet type, meanwhile Kenneth was the exact opposite. They met through Blue. Blue was sort of like the match maker of the school. They had one conversation, and hit it off from there. Kayla’s mother like Kenneth, and vice versa. Blue always teased that they would grow up together, get married and have a bunch of kids running around. Kenneth was in love with Kayla. He loved everything about her except her lack of strong will. He couldn’t understand why Kayla subjected herself to bullies. She did nothing to deserve it, but she never did anything to ward them off either. Either him or Blue was always there to save her. He disliked that about her. He had tried finding ways to make her tougher, but it was to no avail. Kayla found solice in crying her problems away.

He glanced over in Kayla’s direction and noticed she was praying again. This was something he loved about her. Every time something bothered her or troubled her she would pray. No matter where she was, she would pray. This annoyed Mrs. Black, but eventually she got used to it. She let Kayla pray for as long as she needed to and wouldn’t disturb her until she was finished. Kayla never prayed to along, as she didn’t want to feel as if she was abusing the privilege. He waited until  she was finished before passing her the note. When she received it, she opened it and smiled. It was a big red heart he had drawn for her. She loved the small things he did for her. She made a note to frame it and put it on her shelf at home, along with the other pictures he had drawn her.

When class was over, Kenneth waited patiently for Kayla while she finished discussing her test scores with the teacher. He noticed her demeanor was sluggish “What’s wrong sweetie?” “I got a C- on my math test.” “At least you didn’t fail it like I did.” “That’s because you don’t study.” she teased. “I study what I need to.” “Oh yea, and what’s that?” “You.” she felt a wave of heat come over her. Her face turned pink from blushing. He smiled and kissed her cheek. They walked down the hallway laughing and talking, and mingling with the other kids in the hallway. Kayla’s mood changed suddenly when she noticed Sheree approaching. She had prepared herself for this moment. Although she was hoping it wouldn’t happen, she was prepared if it did. Like clockwork, Sheree spat out another round of insults. Instead of crying or running off, Kayla stepped to her “Are you finished?” she could tell this took Sheree by surprise. “Now that you are done ridiculing me and making yourself feel better, how about you go and speak with the guidance counselor about your future here at Starwood High. Word around the school is you were caught on video camera giving oral sex to Jason Nicks. The senior football player. Or better yet, how about you tell everyone about how you are about to be in the 9th grade again. Or better yet, let’s tell everyone how you keep wearing the same clothes over and over again, because your mom got kicked out of her house last week. Uh huh, bet you thought I didn’t know all of that. I suggest you get out of here and find someone else mess with. I’ve had just about enough of you.” She watched as Sheree ran off down the hall, tears streaming down her face. She noticed her hands were sweaty and her body had tensed up. It took a lot of energy for her to tell Sheree off. At the end she was proud of what she had done.


P.S. I may turn this into a serious, stay tuned  https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/frail/


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