The Depth of His Love: Forbidden Treasures Part 4

While standing in the kitchen, I was preparing dinner form my wife and I. It had been a few days since I had met up with Sister Johnson for a late night coffee date. I tried to convince myself that this was just an innocent friendship. For a while it had worked. As of late though, I found myself thinking about her more and more. I tried every tactic in the book to put her out of my mind, but it was no use. Everything reminded me of her. I would go and kiss on my wife and make love to her, just to kill the images of Sister Johnson in my head. Eventually, that stopped working. I was standing in the fridge when my wife came downstairs. “Sweetie why are you standing there with the door open?” “Huh, oh, I’m sorry sweetie. I got lost in thought for a minute.” “You want to talk about it?” “Talk about what?” “What ever has been bothering you. The last few days you’ve been distant, like something else has your attention.” I shut the refridgerator door and went over to hug my wife. “No sweetie nothing else has my attention. You have all my attention.” I said. She smirked and kissed my cheek. 

I walked back over to the stove where I had the steaks frying and notice my cell phone was blinking. I quickly checked it hoping it was Sister Johnson. My shoulders dropped when I saw it was my oldest brother Larry. We didn’t have a close relationship, and ever since I had started this church, the only time I heard from him was when he needed something. I was in no mood to deal with him and his foolishness at this point, so I put my phone back down on the counter. I went to grab the fruit off the counter so I could make the smoothies my wife liked. Her favorite was a pineapple strawberry blend mixed with apple juice and lime. I wasn’t a big fan of lime, so I settled for strawberry banana. Just as I was pouring them in the cup, my phone buzzed again. I figured it was Larry again, so I ignored it. I piled on the whipped cream and topped them with cherries. I brought my wife her smoothie and set mine down on the table. Just as I walked back to the kitchen, she said “Mmm, baby this is good. You always did know how to throw down on some smoothies.” “I might start up a smoothie joint in the church.” I joked.  We both chuckled.

While I was standing there waiting to flip the steaks, I decided to see what Larry wanted. I unlocked my phone and read the text: Hey man you need to call me. This is very important. I know you have your church business going on, but I need that money you owe me. I sighed heavily. “He is really going to get on my nerves about this money.” I mumbled. A while ago, just before I started the church, I borrowed money from him to get out of some debt I had with a few people. I promised to pay him back when the church got up and running. Well here recently, the number of members increased. I was able to come up with half of the money I owed him and set it aside. I still had a little bit more to save. I replied: Larry, I can give you what I have so far. I only have half of what I owe you. I can meet you later tonight to bring it. He wasted no time replying: Ok 9 p.m at the Burger Shack on 5th Street. I put the phone back down on the counter, and started to wonder what Larry had gotten himself into that he desparately needed the money now. When our older brother died, we both took a turn for the worst. I had come out of my downward spiral, but Larry just couldn’t seem to let it go. I tried to put Larry and his problems out of my mind, and when I did Sister Johnson came back. I tried to push her out of my head as well. Iwas determined to enjoy this evening with my wife and free myself of outside thoughts. 

After dinner, we were snuggled up on the couch, watching the lastes episode of Criminal Minds. My wife loved this show. I couldn’t really get into it, but whatever she loved, I loved as well. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was almost 9 pm. I got up off the couch and headed up to the bedroom closet where I kept the money. I put on my Nike slides and grabbed the keys off the dresser. “Sweetie I’ll be right back. I have to go meet Larry.” “At this hour. It’s almost 9 pm.” “I know sweetie. I’m just going to meet him real quick and I’ll be right back.” “Be safe.” “I will.” I shouted just as I closed the door behind me.

A few moments later, I arrived at the Burger Shack just as we agreed. I drove around the parking lot looking for Larry’s car. I didn’t see it, so I found a parking space so I could find out where he is. I called his phone, and got no answer. I text him to let him know I was here. I waited a few more minutes before trying his cell again. Still no answer. I text him again, only this time to let him know that if he wasn’t here within the next 15 minutes, I was leaving. Still I got no reply. Just as I was about to pull out of the parking space, Larry finally approached my car. “Man where the heck you been? I’ve been here for 30 minutes. I have a wife at home.” “I’ve been inside. I saw you when you came up. I was making sure no one was following you or me.” Following me? Larry why would anyone be following me? What have you gotten yourself into?” “I’ll explain all of that later. You got the money?” “Yes, I got it. You’re not getting it until you tell me what this is all about.” I demanded. We stared each other down for a few minutes before he reluctantly got in the back seat. When he finally closed the door, I said “I’m listening.” “Ok remember that money I let you borrow?” “Yea, what about it?” “Well, it was a loan from Shawn’s boys.” “You borrowed money from Shawn’s boys? Do you know what kind of foolishness they are into?” “Shut up man! I know that!” “Why on earth of all people would you borrow money from them? You know they gone kill you!” “No they won’t. I told them you would help me come up with the money.” “You did what?!” “Look man you needed the money. What else was I supposed to do?” “A loan from the bank would have been better.” “You got jokes. You know darn well I can’t get no loan from a bank.” “Larry I cannot believe you got me into this.” “Me? Man you needed the money. Don’t act like just because you a running church you forget where you come from.” I looked at him through my rearview mirror. Was he serious? He was really going to pin this all on my shoulders. I had no idea that he would go ask Shawn’s boys for money.

Shawn’s boys was a group of kids we grew up with in our old neighborhood. Mrs. Shawnetta who stayed next door to us had five boys and two girls. The girls eventually went to live with their grandmother on the otherside of town. The boys however stayed behind and terrorized every child in the neighborhood, except for us. They were scared of Owen our oldest brother that was killed. Whenever they got in trouble, one of the elders in our neighborhood would refer to them as Shawn’s boys, so they kept the name. It was almost as if they were their own gang and you needed approval to hang with them. I gave Larry the money, and told him to give me a few more weeks and I’d come up with the rest. He nodded and went on his way. 

As I pulled out of the parking lot. My mind started racing. How was I going to come up with $4500 in three weeks. I was only averaging $500 from Sunday’s offerings. I started frantically praying. Praying for a way out of this mess. I couldn’t believe Larry did that. I vowed that after I paid him back, I was cutting all ties with him. I was not going to put my church’s name and reputation at risk for some under-handed foolishness. This was just too much for me to deal with right now. I wasn’t ready to go home. Instead I headed over to Star’s Liquor Lounge and grabbed me a few drinks. After knocking back a few, I felt my body begin to relax. The troubles with Larry left my mind, as Sister Johnson invaded my mental space. I decided to text her and see if she’d be interested in joining me. She wasted no time replying.

A few moments later, she greeted me at the table. “Hello Pastor.” she said with a bright smile. I perked up. “Please, call me Brent.” I replied. “Ok, Brent.” she mocked. Just as she sat down, the waitress came over and took our drink order. “Able to sneak away from the Mrs again huh?” “I don’t want to talk about her.” “Ok, so what do you want to talk about?” “You.” I replied. I could tell the liquor was talking to me now, because the very glance at her breast, made my manhood rise. “What about me do you want to know?” “I’m sorry Sister…” “Jeanine. My name is Jeanine.” she replied as she cut me off. “Ok Jeanine. Tell me about you.” I replied. I gazed into her eyes as she started talking. Everything about this woman was mesmerizing. She was stunning. I’d be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t curious to know what was under that dress. I laughed blankly as she told a joke about her sister. A few moments later, I glanced down at the clock and noticed it was almost midnight. I told my wife I’d only be gone 30 minutes and here it was two hours later, and I was sitting in a bar with another woman. Lord knows I loved my wife, I would give her the world. She’d kill me if she knew where I was right now. “Brent it’s getting late. I probably should be going.” Jeanine said. “Yes, it is getting late. I’m not ready to leave just yet.” “You better get home to your wife.” “No, I’m ready to leave her, but not ready to leave you.” I replied. I could tell this had taken her by surprised. She stared at me for a moment. I stared back. Before I knew it, I leaned in and kissed her. Her lips were smooth. Her breath so sweet. It was breathtaking. She pulled away first. I sat back as I waited for a slap to the face. Instead her next move took me by surprise. She kissed me back. It was at that moment, I sealed my fate.  Stay tuned for part 5


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