Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep….

It had been a week since I’ve been locked up and the only visitor I’ve had is my lawyer. I called my mother a few times, but got no answer. I called my oldest son Harrison, and got the voicemail. My baby boy wasn’t old enough to have a cellphone yet, so I couldn’t call him. I tried calling my dad, but even he didn’t answer. I layed there on the cot tears streaming down my face. How could the people who claim to love you, and care for you, just turn their back on you? I mean I was living in a nightmare. No one understood the harsh insults I endured. No one understood the torment Randy put me through. I mean why wasn’t that enough for my family to show a little bit of compassion. I wiped my face, and sat up on the edge. There was no clock in here, but I had grown accustomed to what time the guards came around and released us for and hour of recreational time. This is the time we used to either take a shower, read a book, go outside, or watch television. Each time I chose the shower. It was the only thing that helped me to relax. I thought about calling my mother once more, but decided against it. She wouldn’t answer anyway.

I often wondered about my boys. I hadn’t seen nor spoken to them since I’ve been in here. They were and are my world. I dedicated my life to taking care of them. My baby boy adored me. I know this must be hard for him, me not being around. What if he had a scar he needed me to kiss and make feel better? What if he had a picture he’d drawn for me? The thought of all of this made tears start streaming down my face again. I vigorously wiped my face and tried to push those thoughts out of my head. A few seconds later, the buzzer went off that released the cell doors. I slowly stood up and awaited the plethora of inmates to stampede past my cell before I emerged. I stepped into the corridor, and made my way to guard station to grab a towel. I then walked around the corner to the showers. Surprisingly they were empty today. I rushed in and went to the shower stall all the way at the end. The last time I was in here, a few of the more masculine looking women were eyeing me as if I was a piece of fresh meat. I turned on the water and waited for the steam to fill the room. Once I was unable to see, I undressed and stood up under the water. I let the water run down my body and relax my muscles. I closed my eyes, as all the thoughts of what was happening to me left my mind. I stood like this for about five minutes. Although this was a jail, this shower was the best thing since sliced bread to me right now.

After a few more minutes, I opened my eyes. I turned around to find one of the female inmates standing behind me. “May I help you with something?” I asked cautiously. “Yea, that tight butt of yours looking real tasty right now.” she replied while licking her lips. “Sorry honey, but this ain’t what you want. I suggest you march you butt right back out of here.” I scolded. “I like the cocky ones.” she replied as she took a step closer to me. I didn’t budge. When I was in high school, I was on the girls wrestling team. Out of 14 mathces, I only lost one. If she took one more step towards me, she’d be make up for the one I lost in high school. “Wow! You got a lot of guts standing up to me. Most of these little pussies in here would have been cowering in fear right about now.” “Yea well I’m not your pet. Either get out of my face or I’ll force you out.” I threatened. And with that she attempted to hit me. I blocked her punch with my left arm and grabbed her face. I shoved my nails deep into her skin. This way she’d bend down to grab her face. I grabbed her hair and slammed her head into the tile wall. Blood started to gush from her nose. She attempted to stand up and come for me again. I moved out of the way and watched as she went head first into th shower wall. She instantly fell to the floor unconscious. I grabbed my towel and belongings and ran back to my cell.

After I dried off, I put my clothes back on and laid back down on the bed. I had to do something. I couldn’t live like this. Having to fight off women like her every day of my life. Feeling like there’s someone out to get me when I’m least expecting it. If this was my alternative, I was better off taking insults from Randy. My mind started racing. I had to figure a way out of this mess, but how? I decided to go down to the library and get some law books. What better way to educate myself on my current situation. I flipped to a section on titled Emotional Abuse Plea. I read this section thoroughly. By the time I finished, I felt as if i the light bulb had clicked on. I went over to the phones and called my lawyer. I ran the idea by him, and he informed me that my theory was a stretch, but could possibly work. After a few moments of discussing my possibilities under this plea, we hung up. I walked back to my cell. A feeling of anxiety washed over me. Could this really work? Was this plea my saving grace? I was so anxious to find out, I couldn’t contain myself. I ran back to my cell, and flopped down on th bed. I took a few deep breaths. I dropped down on the floor, and began praying.


More to come for Leanna


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