She Will Do According to His Will: Forbidden Treasures Part 5

“For the past few days, I had been sleeping alone. Every night this week, Pastor has gone out. He’s come in late, sometimes the next day even. When I asked him where he’s been, it’s always the church. The church this, the church that. I’m not sure what he thinks this is, but this is going to stop.” I said rattling on to Tomica. “Girl ya’ll just got married a few years ago. There is no way he should be doing these kinds of things already.” “I know one thing, if this keeps happening, T I’m not sure. I think I’m going to move out and get a place of my own. I did not sign up to be waiting up late nights for my husband to decide when he feels necessary to come home.” “I hope it doesn’t come to that, but just express yourself to him. I mean, if you don’t say anything, he probably thinks you aren’t paying attention.” “He can’t possible think I’m not paying attention to the fact that yesterdat he came in at 6 am? And the night before that almost 8 am. I mean Tomica what kind of business could he possibly be having at the church at that hour!” “Girl ain’t no business going on at anybody’s church between 9 pm and 8 am. I say you need to become a private investigator.” “T you know my stance on things like that. If I got to do all that, I’m going to file for divorce.” “Girl are you crazy? Don’t file for divorce yet. You better get some collateral before you do that.” “Collateral? What do you mean?” “You signed a pre-nup didn’t you?” “Yes, why?” “Didn’t you say infedility makes your pre-nup null and void?” “Bing! There you go! If you can prove he’s cheating, then you get half of everything he owns.” “Tomica we hardly own anything.” “This is why I said wait before you get divorced. As good as your husband preaches, he’s bound to be a mega church in a few years.” “Girl I’m not going there with you.” “Whatever, you better take my advice.” “I’ll consider it. Right now, I have to get off this phone. I’m running late for my hair appointment.” “Alright girl, call me later.” Tomica replied. We blew kisses at each other and hung up the phone.

I loved Tomica. She was like a sister to me. We met in high school, and have been best friends ever since. She’s been there with me through everything. From my first pregnancy that resulted in a miscarriage, up until the time I met Pastor. We’ve had the best times together, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. For the past week though, Ive been starting to feel like I’m married to her more than my own husband. Lately he’s been distant. Ever since he went to go meet up with his older brother Larry the other night, things have been strained between us. I figured maybe we hit that rough patch that every couple hits when they’re married. I tried not to stress so much about it as I finished gettting ready for my hair appointment.

Every Thursday I had a standing appointment with Lydia. I have known her since I me and Pastor begin building the church from the ground up. Every first Saturday of the month, she hosts a charity event called Hairdo’s for the Homeless. She gives out 30 free hairdo’s for the first people who show up. I admired her for doing this. It’s really hard these days to get people to help out in the community. Everyone is so concerned with their own needs, that they forget about the needs of the less fortunate. Granted some of them don’t have to be less fortunate, but who am I to judge their situation. During one of her free sessions, I decided to go over and get my hair done. She had done such a tremendous job, I told her to put me down every Thursday.

When I arrived at Lydia’s, she was just finishing up with a client. “I was beginning to think you skipped out on me.” she greeted. “Girl no. You know I’m always going to be on point with my hair.” “I know, that’s why I was about to call the police.” she joked. “Uh Uh. Don’t do that. With the way they are killing people, who knows, they might’ve killed me.” I replied. Everyone in the salon laughed. Just as I sat down in the chair, I noticed the lady who was in Pastor’s office approaching the door. “Who is that?” I asked. “That’s Jeanine. She’s been coming here for a while now. She attends your church. You’ve never seen her before?” “Yes, I’ve seen her, I just didn’t know her name.” I replied. I looked her up and down, and made a mental note to keep an eye on her around the church. “Hey Sandra. How are you?” she greeted the other stylist. “Jeanine? You are glowing. What or who has you sparkling.?” she asked. I watched as she playfully fanned her face. “Girl let me sit down in this chair and tell you all about it.” she said as she turned in my direction. We made eye contact, and for a second she looked startled. I turned my attention back to the magazine I was reading, breaking the stare. “What was that all about?” Lydia asked. “What was what about?” “I saw that. The look she gave you. The look you gave her. She looked like she’d seen a ghost.” “I’m not sure.” I replied. Now that she’d mentioned it, what was that look for. I was so lost in thought, that I didn’t notice anyone was paying attention to the exchange.

A few moments later, I was being put under the dryer. I picked up my magazine and picked up where I left off on an article about famous tennis player Serena Williams. Truthfully, this magazine was just a front. I was really trying to keep myself from thinking to much. I had so much going on, and not to mention, every 30 seconds this Jeanine chick would glance in my direction. I discreetly lifted the dryer up to poke my ear out to hear exactly what she was saying. “Girl this man has been so good to me. Buying me things and taking me to dinner. It’s crazy. Everything is happening so fast.” she giggled. “You love him?” “I wouldn’t say that. We’ve only been seeing each other for about a week now.” “Well, just take your time with this one. We don’t need a repeat of you know who.” “Don’t bring that up. My stomach almost turned.” They both laughed. I let the dryer ease back down, as I started to replay all the things she’d said. They’d only been seeing each other for a week. It’s been a week since Pastor started staying out late. Could it be? No, he would do that to me. I quickly shook those thoughts out of my head and turned my attention back to the magazine. I tried my best to finish the article, but the thought that my husband was having an affair behind my back was weighing heavily on me. My thoughts were interrupted, by Lydia motioning for me to come from up under the dryer. “What’s wrong girl? You seem distant today.” “Nothing, just have a lot on my mind.” “Well hopefully your new do will take your mind off of them.” she teased.

A little while later, I was turning my head side to side in the mirror. I was loving how straight my hair was. It was so silky smooth. It was so full of body and it smelled delicious. “You never cease to amaze me.” I joked. “Girl you know I got to make it do what it do.” Lydia replied. We both laughed. I gave her the money, and placed the mirror back on the hook. “Same time next week?” I asked. “Actually I need you to come in a little earlier. My son has his graduation ceremony next week.” “Wow! Chase is graduating already?” “Yes ma’am my baby is going off to college.” she said proudly. “Congratulations. I can’t wait til I have children, so I can experience all of these proud moments.” “Girl don’t rush it.” she teased. We both chuckled. I hugged her and made my way out the door. Just as I exited, I could feel someone staring at me. I turned around to notice Jeanine watching me. Just as we made eye contact, she quickly shifted her glance. I wasn’t sure, but something about this woman just didn’t sit well with me. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it yet. 

When I got in the car, I decided to go surprise my husband at the church. I called Sister Scott who was his secratary to tell him I was coming in for lunch. She answered after about two rings “Hello, Share the Light Missionary Baptist Church, where the Lord is the Light of the Earth. This is Margaret Scott, how may I help you.” “Hey Sister Scott, it’s Loretta.” “Oh, hey Loretta, how are you doing this afternoon.” “I’m fine. Is Pastor in by any chance?” “No, he hasn’t come in today.” “He hasn’t been there any today?” “No ma’am. He called earlier this morning and said he had to go handle a personal matter and he wouldn’t be in today. Is everything alright?” she asked. My heart fell to my stomach. What could he possibly be doing. A personal matter? He didn’t mention this to me this morning before he left. “Sister Wright, is everything alright?” she asked again. “Oh, yes, Sister Scott. Everything is fine. Thank you. I’ll call his cell.” I replied. After I hung up, I immediately dialed his cell. It went straight to voicemail. Alright now something wasn’t right. My husband’s phone never went to voicemail. I tried it again. This time it rang. He answered after the second ring “Hey sweetie. What’s up?” “Where are you? I called the church but you weren’t there.” “No, I had to go meet up with Larry again.” “Again? This is like the eighth time this week.” “Yes, baby I know. Larry has really gotten himself into some deep stuff here.” “Deep stuff? Like what?” “I’ll explain everything when I get home this evening. I’m driving right now sweetie and you know I don’t like talking and driving.” “You want to meet up for lunch?” “Na, you go ahead. I’m headed over to Larry’s right now.” “Yea, alright. I’ll just pick you up something.” “Ok sweetheart. I love you.” he said and hung up. I put the phone down in the passanger seat and sat back. None of this was making sense to me. He never turned down an invitation to meet with me for lunch. Something was up and I was going to figure it out. I guess Tomica was right. I was going to have to become my own private investigator.


Stay tuned for Part 6


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