Suicide Love

So on yesterday, me and my boyfriend watch the movie Suicide Squad and I have to say this was an absolute wonderful movie. I love the character they have behind the new Joker. I love how they turned Gotham City’s worst villains into heros. But, the best thing about it is the love stories behind each one. You had Will Smith’s character Deadshot, who never miss, yet had a soft spot because of his daughter. Then there was the fire guy who learned to suppress his anger after killing his family. Not to mention the Enchantress and Flag. Those two I got to say were awesome. However, nothing tops my favorite love story like The Joker and Ms. Harley Quinn, or should I say Dr. Harley Quinn. These two were phenomenal. Some may disagree and say the movie was pointless and not worth the production, but the heck with them. I loved their passion between each other.

If you start with the Joker, he is a lost soul in a world full of people who don’t understand him. Yes of course he’s psychotic. Yes of course he’s a murderer and he’s heartless. That is until he meets Dr. Quinn. She was assigned to help him. But, his madness turned her on. She seeked something she was lacking. He seeked a lover in his world. He preyed on her. He studied her. He manipulated her mind. He wanted his equal. She wanted a difference. They got the best of each other.



Where ever she was, he was not very far. She became the female version of himself. Now one could argue that she was the more calmer version of him, but I beg to differ. We’ve just been introduced to them, so there’s no telling what she’s capable of. You see, in order to be with a person like The Joker, you have to know him. You have to understand him. You have to be willing to die. Willing to be comfortable with taking risk, and most importantly you have to be willing to lose yourself.

How many of us can say we’ve been in love like these two? I mean we would never do any of the things they have, but if you cross all of that out and look at the love and passion they have for each other. Think about it. How many of us can say we’ve found a love like theirs? To know that your partner can feel when you’re in trouble. The fact that he or she can sense when you’re down. That is a magnetic connection that only two people who truly understand each other can have. People looking from the outside in would only see the wrong in your relationship, but you don’t care. You don’t care because they don’t understand. They aren’t apart of you all’s magnetic field.

I know it’s just a movie and most people wouldn’t dig this deep into the love story of these two psychopaths, but I did. I absolutely love them. To the makers and producers of DC Comics, please give them a movie all by themselves. Not to mention the person who plays The Joker is stunningly handsome.!! 


We love you Puddin’s!!!! 


2 thoughts on “Suicide Love

  1. Omg Harley Quinn and Joker are my ultimate ship! They’re so right for eachother. Yes, they have an abusive relationship, but can you the love??????? It was so cute! Especially when she jumped into that boiling sulphur pot and jumped after and just asdfghjkl


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