10 Reasons Why Saying I Love You Just Isn’t Enough: Day 8

8. Surprise Them: The element of surprise can be good or it can be bad. It all depends on who and how it comes. But, when you’re in love, the element of surprise is usually unknown. When your partner calls you and tells you he or she has a surprise, the first thing you do is ask what is it. This is because all sort of emotions run through your body. Your mind goes in many different directions. You start to wonder if you did something wrong, or did you forget to do something. But, if we weren’t so focused on all the negative aspects of the element of surprise, then surprises can be a good thing. Especially in a relationship.



Keeping your relationship spicy is the key to it not becoming so routine. Let’s face it, when you’ve been with someone for a long period of time, things die down. They slow down. Everyone falls into the routine of things. You get up, go to work, come home, take care of the kids. This happens in that order everyday. It gets boring. You start to go through the motions of does he or she still love me. Does he or she still think I’m sexy, or beautiful or is he or she still attracted to me. It can take a toll on a relationship, and let’s be honest the things you did in the begining was only to get and keep that person’s interest. Now that it worked, what are you going to do to continue to keep his or her attention. 


Surprises don’t have to be big or expensive. If you’re partner has had a long day at work, do something you think they aren’t used to. Run a bubble bath. Get creative with it, use scented oils to wake their senses. You can use rose petals if you want, but if you’re like me, rose petals are so cliché. You can go in an awkward part of the house and have a candle lit dinner. The porch or backyard, or maybe you have a spare room. Decorate it and set it up for just the two of you. Balloons and cards expressing your feelings for each other can have a great effect as well. If you want to get kinky, plan a wild night of passionate sex. Play dress up, role play, or even use fruit. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it matches up with the “I love you”. Make sure it expresses how you truly feel. Most importantly make sure it comes from the heart and it was very thought out. Try to steer clear of cliché’s, they are to simple and not very much thought was put into it since it’s so universal.


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