10 Reasons Why Saying I Love You Just Isn’t Enough: Day 7

7. Plan A Romantic Getaway: Let’s face it, life is so demanding, that vacations come far few and in between. You fall into the daily routine of working every day, taking care of the kids, running around to this ball game, that dance recital, this grocery store, that gas station, and when you finally get home, you are spent. Soon as you get home you prepare dinner, help with homework, lay out school clothes, and by the time your partner comes in, you all can’t have a decent conversation because you’re both tired. The hustle and bustle of adulting is very exhausting. It puts a strain on your relationship, because there’s never enough time in the day. You can try and stay up and make time, but then you risk being tired the next morning and late for work and late getting the kids to school. You wonder in all of this how do you make time for each other. Well, my solution, take a vacation. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy or extravagent. It doesn’t even have to cost you an arm and a leg. You want to know how to take an inexpensive vacation?  Read below and I’ll suggest a few things.


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So when I say a romantic getaway, you’re probably thinking of somewhere on a tropical island with blue water and waitors with carribean accents right? While that sounds nices, you may not readily have the funds for this kind of getaway. If a beach kind of getaway is what you want, why not rent a hotel room on the beach in your city. Plan for the kids to stay at grandma’s or a relative, and you and your honey go spend a weekend or week relaxing on the beach. I know it’s probably not your idea of a getaway, but you’re away from the house, the kids are safe, and you are boggled down with the every day hustle of the workday. You can relax, enjoy your time together, and unwind. Most beach hotels have nightlife so you don’t even have to go back into the city to enjoy a night out on the town. There’s usually a ton of restaurants at the beach, go out to eat. Come back to a nice peaceful room, where the two of you can enjoy a movie together, or even room service. The key is not to focus so much on you all being in the city, but to focus so much on you all spending time together. 

Another inexpensive idea of a romantic getaway, camp out in the back yard. You can get a tent, and set it up in the backyard and pack all the things you would need as if you were going on a road trip. I know, it’s not really getting away physically, but it is getting away mentally and that is the main key. Get some white Christmas lights just so your yard is lit enough to see if something may or may not be crawling on you. If you own a grill, that’s even better. You can cookout instead of cooking in. Again the focus should be on just the two of you spending time together. Forget about the house being there. This is where creativity comes in. Role playing makes this even better.


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When you suggest a romantic getaway, most people are thinking of night time. While nightfall makes everything more majestic and sultry, a day trip getaway can be equally romantic. Nothing wrong with sight seeing. Travel to another city and ride around. Learn some history about the city you are in. Go to museums, national parks, tours around the city. All of these which will cost little to no money. Pack sandwiches and drinks to have a picnic in the park. Try to pick a park with a lake that has a fountain. The sound of the running water, warms the mood and relaxes your minds. Makes for better conversations. Afterwards, you all can feed the geese and ducks, and just walk and talk and enjoy each other’s conversation.

When you’re in love with a person, you let your love for that person get your creative juices flowing. Majority of the time no matter what you do for the person you love they will like it. Not because they have to, but because they know that whatever you plan came from the heart and you put your love and energy into making it the best.



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