10 Reasons Why Saying I Love You Just Isn’t Enough: Day 6

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6. Aplogize First: Relationships can get tough and hit a stagnant point. This can cause frustrations between the two of you and really put a damper on things. It may even cause you to separate from each other. Give each other some space. But, when you’re truly in love with a person, how long can you stay mad at them. If you can stay mad longer than a day, then you are truly not in love. I mean unless they have cheated or have done something more demeaning, I can’t see you being mad at your partner for more than a day, and even a day is a bit long. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the arguement or disagreement.

Every couple has their ups and downs. Every couple isn’t made for television. You would love to think of your relationship as those fairytale endings you see on the Disney movies, and on some reality television shows. But, lets face it, all of it is fictional. It’s scripted. They are supposed to put a positive spin on love in hopes that you will find your prince or princess charming and live happily ever after. While they may have the happily ever after part correct, it isn’t always happy.

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When you get into a disagreement with your partner, no matter who started it or who said what first, apologize first. I know it’s easier said than done, because I’ve been guilty of this myself, but it really does make the relationship better. The main reason why a lot of relationships fade is because of stubborness and pride. One person doesn’t feel like they are wrong, and the other should consider what the other is saying. Neither one of you all apologize, so you stay mad and let that be the reason your love fades. When you love a person, you do everything in your power to keep that flame lit so your love doesn’t burn out. It doesn’t hurt to apologize first. After all, someone has to bring the peace and tranquility back to your relationship.


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When you apologize, do just that apologize. Don’t say “I apologize for this that and the third.” That is the wrong way to apologize. When you do this, you are only apologizing for half of what you may or may not have done wrong. When you say “I apologize I didn’t mean anything I said, I was just….”, that is also another disaterous way to apologize. This means the next time you get like that and you all get into an arguement, you are expecting the other person to just understand and deal with it. Nope, nope, nope! Wrong way to do it. Just a simple “I apologize. Can you fogive me?” will suffice. This means that your apology was sincere and that you acknowledge you were wrong. Even if you feel like you weren’t, your partner can feel a sense of relief knowing you are man or woman enough to own up to your part of the arguement. This will also work like a domino effect. Your partner will apologize as well, and this will make things go smoother. You could argue that your partner is only apologizing because you did, and that could very well be true. But, would you really want to stir up another arguement by questioning whether or not their apology was sincere? No, it’s not worth it. Even if your partner doesn’t apologize, at least for your sake, you can feel a since of relief. Nine times out of ten if your partner doesn’t apologize right away, give them a little time to blow off some steam. People don’t just bounce back that quickly. They will eventually come around. If they truly love you, I’d say about an hour or may be two, they’ll come around.


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Lastly, when you apologize, try not to make the same mistake you made the first time. Apologies can get played out eventually. When you apologize, you are essentially assuring your partner that what you did, you won’t do again. The purpose of a mistake is to learn from it. Not keep doing it over and over again. It no longer is considered a mistake at that point. It starts to define who you are. Saying I Love You is not an apology. Your partner already knows you love them. Reassure them of that, by showing them you know the true meaning of a sincere apology. Don’t apologize until you are ready to. Even if it takes you a few hours, don’t apologize until you are ready to. There’s no rush on who or when you should apologize first. Just make sure you are ready when you do.

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