Power: The New Soap-Opera

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So, I’m sure everyone has heard of Starz new hit series, Power featuring Omari Hardwick as Ghost, Joseph Sikora as Tommy, Naturi Naughton as Tasha, and Lela Loren as Angela. The show was written by none other than Rapper 50 Cent, who also appears in the show as Kanan, Ghost’s rival, and I must say this show rose to stardom over night. I remember the first time I heard of the show, I was laying in bed watching a movie, and the trailer for the show came on. By this time it was two episodes into Season One. While sitting at home one day, flipping through OnDemand, I came across the show. I clicked on it, and boy was I in for a lifetime. After finishing the first episode, I immediately went to the next episode. When I finished that episode, I waited to see when the show came on. From that point on, I anticipated every Saturday night, because I knew whatever was going to happen, it was going to have me glued to the television.


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So, let me give you all a run down of the show. James St. Patrick, aka Ghost runs a drug cartel with his childhood friend Tommy Eagan. While both are pretty successful at this business, Ghost wants out of the game. He opened up a club named Truth which has been pretty successful. He’s married to Tasha whom he shares three kids with. He starts messing around with the Assistant District Attorney, Angela Valdez, who at a point in time unbeknowst to Ghost was actually looking to prosecute him. Pretty confusing right? Well, the thing is Ghost has a way of diggin holes for everyone, yet he has a way of getting people out of them. I could take you all the way back to the first season, but that would be too much. You are going to have to use your OnDemand for all of that. But, if you are wondering what all the hype is about this show, the story line! The story line in this show is consistent, and it’s never a dull moment. The show is now in it’s third season, and I must say it has had me on my toes every Saturday. 


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Remember I told you Ghost is married to Tasha and then he started messing around with Angela? Well, Ghost wanted out of the drug business and Tasha didn’t want that; therefore resulting in Ghost messing around with Angela. Angela ran into Ghost, who she knows as Jamie in the club one night, and they hit it off ever since. At that time, Angela was unaware of his dealings in the street. Tasha becomes suspicious of his whereabouts and proceeds to tease his driver Shawn. Shawn is Kanan’s son who has been locked away for 10 years. Tasha also enlists the help of Tommy, to get to the bottom of Ghost’s strange behavior. Neither of them understands Ghost’s need for wanting to go legit. What Ghost doesn’t realize is that going legit has it’s own darkside. You can’t just come out of business like that and think everything is going to be smooth sailing. Needless to say, he found that out the hard way. After so much underhanding, and cutting corners, his killings eventually caught up to him. Now he’s faced with a choice. In order to save his life and his family’s life, he must leave Angela alone. He reluctantly made that choice; however it’s not over between them two. So here’s where we compare this television show to real life morality.


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When Ghost left Angela, he asked her if they were meant to be together do you think it would this hard? Reason for that question? For starters, his sone Tariq went in Angela’s closet and stole her gun and took it to school. He got caught and was almost expelled. Secondly, Paz, Angela’s sister hinted at the fact that Ghost is still married. Thirdly, Tasha had to stop Tommy from killing Angela. Among other things, the head of his security has just threatened to kill her if Ghost doesn’t work for him to repay his debts. Now, let put this in perspective, and I know this is just a television show, but humor me for a bit. If this were real life, would Ghost be wrong? Yes, he would. He left his wife and kids. Would he be justified? No, because again, he left his wife, key word is wife and children. Do you understand why he did it? Yes, anyone would understand that’s he just not happy with Tasha. She doesn’t understand him. Now, when we add Angela to this, is she wrong? Definitely. Sleeping with a married man is dangerous. Should she leave Jamie alone? Absolutely. Continuing to fool around with him will do more harm than good. Do you think she truly loves him or the idea of what they could be? This question I’m torn between, because while I do believe she loves him, she really can’t handle him. She loves what he used to be when they were 15 years old. She loves the possibility of them becoming one. She loves the fairytale. But, in truth, if she truly knew all of the things he’s done, could she still love him? Love him knowing he’d be apart from his kids, who are having a hard time adjusting to the separation. Love him knowing that Tommy secretly hates her and wants her dead. Love her knowing that Tasha poses a constant threat. Love him knowing he’ll never divorce Tasha because she’s a liability. Most importantly, love him knowing it will cost her her job. Would she truly be able to love him unconditionally. Me personally, I don’t think she can handle it. She isn’t cut out for that type of relationship.


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Another interesting twist on the show is Kanan’s hatred for Ghost. Now for this one, I can back a season. Right around the end of Season Two, Kanan got released from prison. No one knew this except Shawn whom he told not to tell anyone. For while, the show had been hinting on his release, but most of us were wondering why he was in prison in the first place. Well, little did we know, Ghost had some shady ways about him as well. Famous people always say once you get to the top, there’s always someone out to take your place. Well, that’s exactly what Ghost did. Tasha and Ghost set Kanan up and he caught a ten year prison sentence. This allowed Ghost to become the head of his organization and get the success he currently has. So, when he was released from prison, it was bittersweet. Mostly for Ghost, because he knew what he had done. He took care of Kanan’s son Shawn as a way of apologizing for putting him away. Kanan was not here for empathy. He had it out for Ghost and he was going to let him know it. He attempted to turn Tommy against him, and his son.  Neither of them folded. Tommy because Ghost was his friend and he was always there to save him. Shawn, mainly because he was scared, and he knew Ghost would kill him hisself if he found out he was sleeping with Tasha. Ghost and Kanan eventually squared off, and Kanan was beat up pretty badly. He beat him so bad, he was sure he had killed him. Unbeknownst to Ghost, that didn’t happen. Kanan is back, and this time he’s coming with a vengance.


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While there may be other shows that are eye-catching, none of them has compared to this hit series. I urge my followers to check this show out. It used to come on on Saturday’s but they moved it to Sunday. The good news is if you’re an Xfinity customer the new episode is uploaded on Sunday at midnight, so you don’t have to wait until 9 p.m. Sunday night to watch it. Well, that’s all for now folks. Check out the upcoming episode this Sunday night at 9 p.m. est.

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