In the Midst of It All: Forbidden Treasures: Part 7

I sat anxiously waiting on the doctors to give me an update on Brown’s condition. It’s almost 2 a.m. and I’ve been pacing back and forth ever since they took him back to the operating table. I cried so much, my eyes were hurting. My phone had went dead almost a half an hour ago. I know my mom was probably worried sick. I checked my pocket for change so I could use the pay phone in the lobby. I scrambled up 75 cents to call my mom. She answered on the first ring, “Lord Brent where the heck are you? I’ve been calling you non-stop for hours. What’s wrong with you?” she screamed. “Ma, it’s Brown. He got shot.” She gasped for air. “Sweetie are you alright? Where are you?” “I’m at St. Lendon Hospital, on 89th and Collin Street.” “Sit tight sweetie. I’ll be there in a minute.” she stated right before she hung up the phone. Just as I was turning around to head back to my seat, one of the surgeons was coming out in the hallway. “Dr., is he going to be alright?” I asked frantically. “You must be Brent?” “Yes, that’s me.” “Walk with me.” he stated. I felt a lump form in my throat. From the look on his face, this did not look good for my friend. “Brown is in pretty bad shape. He has a collapsed lung, and the bullet knicked his heart. He’s had massive internal bleeding, most of which we’ve been able to contain. With the amount of blood he’s lost, it’s a wonder he’s still alive.” “Will he make it? Is he going to be alright?” “Well, right now, I can’t say for sure. He’s stable right now. He’s on a ventilator, and his heart rate is under control. He’s in a coma right now. He had so much blood in his lungs, it’s wonder he was still able to breath. What happened?” “Honestly sir, I don’t know. We drove to this house, and he asked me to wait in the car. A few minutes later gunshots rang out. I ducked down just in case some were coming my way. I peeked my head up and like three men were runining from the back of the house. I got out to go check on my friend and there he was. Riddled with bullets. I dragged him to the car and sped here.” “Well, what I can say is, he’s blessed to have a friend like you. Any longer back there and he wouldn’t have made it. Does he have any family besides you?” “Yes, I’ll notify them immediately.” “Alright. I have to go back here and check on a few other patients, I’ll come back out in a few and let you know how he’s doing.” “Thank you Dr.” I replied. He patted me on the shoulder and proceeded down the hallway. I walked back up from where my mom was waiting. I immediately noticed the look of terror in her face. “Don’t worry mom. It’s not mine.” I explained. Her face relaxed slightly. “Baby, what happened.” “I don’t want to talk about it right now.” I replied solemnly. “It’s alright sweetie. How’s your friend?” “The doctor says it’s looking kind of grim right now. He has a collapsed lung and the bullet knicked his heart.” “Oh dear Lord. It’s going to be alright sweetie. God has his angels around him. He’s going to pull through.” she reassured me. Her words were comforting. I rested my head in her lap and drifted off to sleep.


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A few moments later, I was awakened by the commotion in the hallway. The nurses were scrambling about and the doctors were rushing in from all directions. The voice over the intercom indicated that there was a code blue in progress in room 324. That was Brown’s room. I rushed over to the desk. “What’s going on?” I asked frantically. She put her finger up, motioning for me to give her a second. “Ma’am please tell me what’s going on. That’s my friend in there.” “I can’t say for sure. But the doctors are doing all they can to save your friend.” “Save my friend. What do you mean save my friend? He’s alive right? Right?” I yelled. “Baby, you have to calm down and let the doctors work. All we can do is wait.” “I don’t want to wait. I’m tired of waiting.” I screamed. I paced back and forth as I awaited one of the doctors to give me an update on my friend’s condition. “Brent, you have to calm down or else you’ll be the one back there. You’r going to give yourself a heart attack with all the worrying you’re doing.” “Ma, that’s my friend in there. He’s been shot. Why did this have to happen to him of all people. Why him?” I shouted as my voice started to crack. I felt the burning sting of the tears well up in my eyes. I frantically wiped them away. I was determined not to cry anymore. I was going to let God handle this. God will pull my friend through. I just know he will. I rested my head on my mom’s shoulder and cried as she rocked me back and forth. It was too painful to imagine what my friend must be going through.

Seconds later, we were approached by one of the surgeons. “Are you Brent?” “Yes, I’m Brent.” “Brown’s condition has worsened. His heart collapsed. We were abled to get it started again, but we aren’t sure for how long. This doesn’t look good.” she explained. I slumped back in my chair. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My longtime childhood friend was loosing a fighting battle. “Isn’t there anything more you can do ma’am?” I heard my mother ask. “We are trying everything we can. Like I said, we were able to get his heart started again. His vital signs are a little higher than normal, but his body is under a lot of stress right now, so it’s to be expected.” “Thank you ma’am.” she replied. I slumped deeper into the chair. I felt myself becoming detached from reality. I wanted so bad for Brown to be alright, and for a minute, I was actually forcing myself to believe that. Now, as everything starts to sink in, it’s getting harder and harder for me to let go. “Sweetie have you called Brown’s mother?” I heard my mother say. I glanced in her direction in a daze. She rubbed my hand profusely. “Brent, honey, did you hear me?” she asked. I continued to stare at her in a daze. Everything just seem to fade to start to fade away. Mom’s voice started to sound further away as I sunk deeper and deeper into feelings of dispair, anxiety, and whatever else I could think of. “Brent! You have to stop worrying. You have to let go and let God handle Brown. God has it all under control. Now, quit worrying.” she said sternly. I attempted to stand up and headed over the phone, and everything started to spin. I felt dizzy and fell back into the chair. I shook my head to try and get rid of the dizziness I was feeling. I stood up once more, and everything went black. 


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