Practice What You Preach



“Mmm, yes baby, that’s the spot.” Carrie moaned as she lay across the bed in pure ecstasy. She squirmed around in the bed as Fred worked his tongue in between her legs. She was in so much bliss, that she hadn’t heard the alarm going off to indicate the front door had just opened. Just as she was about to reach her climax, she popped open her eyes to see her husband standing in the door. “Oh my God, James!” she screeched as she pushed Fred’s head from between her legs. “What the hell is going on in here? Carrie what the hell are you doing?” he shouted. “James, baby wait. I can explain.” “Explain? Explain? You are really going to try and explain his head in between your legs Carrie? Really. Go ahead, I’d like to see you try.” he replied angrily. Carrie rushed off the bed and grabbed her sweatpants off the chair and hurried to put them on. Carrie knew her husband had a temper, so it was only a matter of time before Fred would be sitting in a dentist’s office trying to realign his jaw. Just as she ran over to shield Fred from James’s blow, she was caught in the face with his elbow as his fist connected with Fred’s jaw. She stumbled back while holding her left eye. She knew she’d have a black eye later, but right now she had to stop the WWE match that was going on in her bedroom. “James stop! Get off of him. You are going to kill him!” she shouted. It was to no avail. He turned around and pushed Carrie so hard that she flew back into the closet mirror shattering the glass. Carrie was a petite woman that stood about 5 feet 5 inches tall and only weighed about 130 pounds. James on the other hand was all muscle. He was about 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighed a solid 250. So, his push was very forceful. Carrie attempted to get up and rush back to Fred’s aid, but was halted by the sharp pain that ran through her foot. She lifted up her foot only to find the biggest shard of glass poking out of the heel of her foot. She attempted to pull it out, but the pain was so unbearable. She carefully crawled over to James who was still pouncing on Fred, and with all her might, pushed him off of him. “James would you stop. Look at him. I believe you’ve gotten your point across!” she shouted. “My point across? What point would that be Carrie! Tell me, what’s the point?” he yelled. Carrie fell back in defeat as the tears streamed down her face. Between sniffles she managed to whisper the words “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” “Sorry? You didn’t look sorry a few minutes ago.” She sat on the floor as he tossed insult after insult after insult. The sting of his words cut her so deep, she forgot all about the glass shard sticking out of her foot. “What’s that in your foot?” he asked once he was through belittling her. She wiped her face, and looked around at her room. She noticed all the destruction she had caused. A broken closet mirror, a cracked dresser drawer, a broken head board, and cut foot. She had almost forgotten about her eye until she winced at the pain of her foot as she tried to get up off the floor. “Carrie let me help you.” he replied apologetically. “No, no James. It’s fine. I’ll manage.” she said through sniffles. Just as she looked up, she noticed the tears streaming down his face. “James I’m sorry. It’s just that we had been arguing so much for the past three months, I let my assumptions get the best of me.” “Yea but Carrie, that’s not the way we handle things. How long?” “This was the first time. I promise. There hadn’t been any other times. No, we hadn’t went all the way. I’m not sure if that makes it any better, but we didn’t.” “No, Carrie that doesn’t make it any better.” She turned her face away in embarrassment. He turned her face back towards him. It was then that he finally noticed the swelling to her left eye. “Did I do that?” he asked sincerely. She nodded slightly. “Oh God Carrie! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you.” Just as she was about to say something, Fred’s moans brought them both back to reality. James dropped Carrie on the bed and went over to help Fred up to his feet. “Bruh you need to leave!” he said sternly. Fred attempted to open his eyes and look around. His face was so badly beaten, that he could barely be recognized. “Carrie, what happened?” he whispered. “Just go Fred. Just go.” she replied. “Bruh I just told you to go. Do you need anymore help?” James replied, frustration rising in his voice. They both watched as Fred drug himself to the front door and left. Carrie fell back on the bed and nearly passed out. “Oh God, Carrie!” James shouted as he rushed to her aid. “I think I’ve lost too much blood. The room is starting to spin.” she explained. “We’re going to the hospital.” he assured her. Before she could say anything else, the room went black and fell into darkness. 


Stay tuned for Part 2  #everydayinspiration


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