Practice What You Preach….

6 Months Earlier

“James where are you going?” Carrie asked. “I’m going out with the boys. Is that alright with you?” he sneered. Carrie hoped out of bed and rushed over to the closet, where James was buttoning his shirt. She glared at him. Of all the nights he picked to go out with the boys, he had to pick this one. Apparently he must’ve forgotten about the dinner plans she’d made for them tonight. This was a very special night for her, especially since they hadn’t been able to spend time alone in almost three months. Ever since she had gotten a promotion at work, quality time with her husband had almost become non-existent. It’s bad enough their sex life suffered because of it. James had complained to her many of times about them not being as sexually active as they used to. She tried calmly to explain to James that the long hours were just temporary and that once the inventory at work was at a reasonable level, then her hours would go back to normal. For a minute he was alright with this. He would massage her when she came home, run her bath water, sometimes he’d even fix dinner. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, that is, until he started hanging around Phillip, his friend from high school. She couldn’t understand what it was about Phillip or why James hung around him. She preferred to stay away from him. Phillip was more of what you may call a womanizer. He would fill women’s heads up with hopes and dreams of them being together, all while playing with their emotions. She had witness one to many times the dangers of what came behind Phillip and his lies. She would be damned if any of that rubbed off on her husband.

As James finished buttoning up his cuffs, he turned to notice Carrie standing in the doorway. “What’s wrong with you?” he asked dryly. “Umm, hello! Have you forgotten what tonight is? I made dinner reservations for us. We talked about this for three weeks now. I know good and goddamn well you aren’t about to go hang out with the boys and leave me hanging?” she snapped. James’ whole demeanor changed. “Oh damn baby! I’m sorry I honestly forgot. Can I take a rain check?” he asked sincerely. “Unless that check is going to find you a new place to stay, I don’t think so. You’d better tell Phillip not tonight!” she demanded. Carrie stormed out of the closet and made her way to the bathroom to take a shower. James follow closely behind her trying to plead his case. “You know what James, it’s been three months since we’ve spent time together. I take off tonight and plan a special evening where we go to dinner, come back home, have dessert, and make sweet love to each other, and you’d rather go fraternize with Phillip!” she shouted from the shower. “Fraternize? Baby, come on with all that. I’m sorry baby. I forgot. It was an honest mistake.” he pleaded. “Forget you James. Go! Go ahead and piss off with your friend. Just know your bed will be the sofa when you return!” she heaved. Carrie slammed the bathroom door just as James was about to say something. Defeated, James went over to the bed where his phone was charging and picked up the phone to call Phillip. He could deal with Phillip being mad with him, but Carrie, was a separate ball game. He was married to her for Christ Sakes. If it was one thing he knew, a happy wife equaled a happy life, and right now his wife was not so happy.

A few moments later, Carrie emerged from the shower to find James sitting on the bed flipping through the television stations. “I thought you were going out?” she scoffed. “No, I changed my mind. After really thinking things through, I realize that this will probably be the only night in a long while that we will get to spend together before you go on another long working hiatus.” “Long working hiatus? Are you kidding me?” she replied trying to stop the grin that was forming along her lips. Carrie loved when her husband caved into her. She was especially elated now, because they could spend the whole evening together, just the two of them. She threw off her towel, exposing her naked body. James tried his best to peel his eyes away from his wife’s exposed body, but it was to no avail. He couldn’t stop looking at the beauty before him. Carrie was 5 feet 5 inches tall and very petite. She had smooth brown skin and curves in all the right places. He stared at her. This made her smirk. “Well, are you just going to stand there, or are you going to get up.” she swooned. James was so fascinated by her beauty, that the sound of her voice made him beckon to her every call. He got really turned on when he noticed her shaved middle. He loved when she was hairless down there. Just as he proceeded to remove his shirt, the doorbell rang. They both sighed heavily. “Who in the heck could that be?” Carrie asked, now frantically searching for something quick to put on. “I have no idea, I’ll be right back.” he replied. As she started to dress, she could hear James opening the front door and the sound of a woman’s voice was heard. “Must be his baby momma. Lord I swear that woman always picks the most inopportune times to show up. I think she does this just torture me.” Carrie mumbled. When she finished putting on her socks, she proceeded  to make her way to the front door. As she got closer, she could hear the two arguing. “Jessica, you cannot just show up at my house. I have a wife!” “So, I don’t care. I’ve been calling you for the last hour. I need a babysitter. I’m going out!” “I can’t watch him tonight. Me and my wife are trying to enjoy some quality time together.” “Alright, well you can include Jr. in your quality time.” she shouted just as she was pushing the little boy inside. “Jessica! Jessica! Get back here!” James roared. He ran out the door after her, but she halfway down the street before he could reach the driveway.

Carrie and James had been together for five years and only married for one. Jessica was a one night stand that turned into a lifetime of turmoil. Before Carrie and James got married, James went out with the boys to Diamond’s, an upscale gentleman’s club. That’s where he met Jessica. She was one of the dancers chosen to dance for his crew in the club that night. Things got a little crazy, and next thing you know he was waking up next to her in a hotel room. He rushed home the next morning, and explained everything to Carrie in hopes that that would make everything better. It didn’t she put him out and they split up for about a year. During the split, Jessica found out she was pregnant. This changed everything. Carrie and James had been working on putting their relationship back together and telling her about the baby would just make everything worse. Needless to say, everything worked out and they were able to get through all of the drama he caused and move on. The only problem was getting Jessica to understand her place in James’ life. The two women were at odds quite often, and it started to take a toll on their relationship. “James if you don’t straighten your little hoodrat out, I will!” Carrie shouted. “Baby I will handle it. Just calm down.” he replied. After a few more altercations, Jessica eventually got the picture and backed off. Now they just had to deal with her surprise pop ups. This was also taking a toll on their marriage. “James I love your son and wouldn’t trade him for the world, but this has to stop. This was supposed to be our night.” she cried. “I know baby. I know. Let me see if I can call my mom.” After countless efforts to reach his mother, she finally answered, “Hey mom, are you busy?” “No James, I’m not busy. Me and your father are just watching television. What’s wrong honey?” “Carrie took off tonight so we could have some quality time, and Jessica showed up with Jr.” “And you want me to babysit?” “Please momma, if you don’t mind.” “No James, I don’t mind. What time are you coming back to get him?” “I be there at around 8 in the morning.” “Alright, that’s fine bring him over.” “Thank you mom.” he replied as he hung up the phone.


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