Gettin’ It How You Live

I know you’re probably wondering if me an Mr. Briggs slept together when we left the office to go on an alleged lunch date. If you think we did, you’d be very wrong. I told you, never assume anything. You’d just look like the first three letters at the beginning of that word. We went to lunch. He took me to this burger place not to far from his place. I was a little skeptical about going at first because of how close it was to his house. You know how men play innocent and try to act as if there are no hidden agendas. At any rate, I went along with it. I tried to hide my skepticism as best as I could. After we ate, I reminded him of a meeting that he was scheduled to attend when we got back. Do you know he had the audacity to tell me “Lai, don’t worry about that meeting. I’ve already sent Justine to cover for me.” I glared at him. Justine was his secretary, or should I say his puppet. It was almost disgusting how much of a kiss-up she was. If he told her to jump off the Grand Canyon, she’s probably do it. Sister girl had it bad for him. We’d be in the break room together, and out of nowhere she’d just start professing her love for him. She’d say things like “One day, he’s going to notice me. He’s going to honor me for all the hard work and dedication I put forth.” I’d just sit there and listen. I mean how desperate can a person be? I mean, she may as well leave her panties on his desk with a bow on them. I said to myself, “No wonder he’s always avoiding her.”

“”Baby why are you looking at me like that?” he asked. “I knew you had some a reason for coming over here!” I bellowed. He gave me a peculiar look. “Don’t look at me as if you have no clue what I’m talking about!” I hissed. “Baby, I’m not sure what you mean, but, I came over here because this is my favorite burger place. I meant no harm.” he assured me. I sat back in my chair. The sincerity in his voice made me question my assumption. Here I am always telling people not to assume things, and that is exactly what I was doing. I softened my demeanor a bit. I felt exactly like the first three letters of that word. I felt a wave of heat rush through my body. “I’d never disrespect you like that. You mean more to me than any mid day quickie.” he continued. Alright, see this is the part where I wish men didn’t have mouths. Why did he have to ruin this moment? A mid day quickie? Really? That’s where he was going with this? I guess he could tell by my demeanor that he had just ruined an innocent moment. Before I could tear into him, he said “That didn’t come out right. I didn’t mean it that way. I mean sex is not important to me. Just time spent with you is enough for me.” Alright, I’ll give him that. He redeemed himself. He still wasn’t off the hook though. All of that sounds so sweet and tempting, however, I am not ignoring the fact that he is married. So what if he’s telling me he no longer wants to be with her. Who’s to say that he won’t have a change of heart one day? Who’s to say he won’t wake up one morning and decide to work this out and patch up his marriage with her? Then where does that leave me? Left out in the cold with a broken heart? Confused trying to pick up the pieces of my life and figure out where I went wrong? No thank you! I am not interested in that! There are too many single men walking the face of this earth to be stressed over someone else’s husband.

When we got out to the car, he came around on my side and opened the door. I got in and watched as he rushed around to the driver side. In those few seconds, I almost forgot I was a woman with morals. Watching his pants moving up and down from his jogging motion sent a tingle up my spine. This man was purely the work of God. When he got in, I couldn’t help but stare at him. He was gorgeous. I mean absolutely stunning. I was deep in a daze, that I hadn’t noticed him staring back at me. It wasn’t until he leaned in and kissed me that I came out of my trance. “Tyrin what are you doing?” I shouted, snatch my lips away from his. “Giving you what you asked.” he countered. I felt my face turn red. Was he reading my mind? How’d he know I wanted him to kiss me like that? I quickly turned away from him. I diverted my eyes to the floor. “Why do you keep avoiding me? I don’t want to hurt you.” “I never said you did. I don’t do married men and you know that!” I cried. He let out an exasperated sigh, “I’m not sure what more else I can do to make you understand that I love you. I really do. I know I started this thing off wrong. I should have told you up front about my marital status. I just figured it would never come up. I know now that that was a stupid idea. Lai, I’m sorry. I really am.” I’d be lying if I didn’t say my eyes were filled with tears. I tried desperately to wipe them away before he noticed. It was no use. A single tear landed on my powder blue clutch. He lifted my head up forcing me to face him. I tried to force a smile. “Stop crying. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” he reassured me. If I wasn’t still trying to stand true to my morality, this would be the perfect time for some make up sex. I love make up sex. It’s so much more intense and passionate. I quickly erased that visual from my mind. As long as another woman bore his last name, my cookie jar was sealed. It would take the act of God for him to pry the top of it.

A few moments later, we arrived at a secluded park. The view was breath taking. The water was had hue of blue from the painted bottom. The trees provided just enough shade to keep the winds cool. There was this big statue of a woman holding a scroll in the air. It really complimented the park. When I opened the door, I noticed the faint smell of jasmine. “Oh my God. I love that plant.” I beamed. “What plant?” he asked. “Jasmine. It’s such a soft scent.” I replied. I glanced over in his direction and noticed he was attempting to locate the direction of the scent. “It’s over there.” he said while pointing towards the bird feeder. There was pretty little bluebird resting on the branch above it. I rushed over towards it and pulled out my phone to get a picture. This park was so serene. The tranquility was so relaxing. I felt like a little girl in a candy store. Everything was just beautiful. “How’d you find this place?” I asked. “I used to come here all the time when I was kid. It looked nothing like this. It was run down, all the homeless people used to come here.” “I would have never found this place.” I replied. He moved in closer and put his arms around my waist. I thought about pushing away, but decided against it. Him standing behind me was calming. I liked this feeling. It was different. It was more intense. It was deeper. We found a tree to sit up under. He sat down first and I sat in between his legs and rested my head on his shoulder. The wind tickled our skin. It was nice to get out and enjoy nature every once in a while. It’s one of life’s greatest gifts. Not only does it gives you peace of mind, but it stimulates you in ways you couldn’t imagine. We wallowed in this moment as if it was our last.


Stay tuned for the next chapter…..


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