Gettin’ It How You Live

Yesterday after we left the park, I thought I had an epiphany. I almost felt as if I was falling in love with Tyrin. When he took me back to my car, I almost let those words slip out. If it wasn’t for his phone ringing and snapping me back to reality, I probably would have caved in. I was laying down in my bed staring up at the ceiling. It had been a rough night. I tossed and turned, all the while wondering was he feeling the same way. I tried to convince myself that it was all in my head and I was just being naïve. I tried so hard not to think about him. It was to no avail. My phone buzzed at three a.m. letting me know I had received a text message. I checked my phone and to my surprise it was Tyrin. He was letting me know he was thinking of me and wouldn’t be able to sleep until he got that off his chest. I smiled and put my phone back down. I know, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t reply. Well, besides the obvious, I was really trying to shake this feeling. It’s not healthy being in love or falling in love with a married man. This was not a feeling I was trying to get accustomed to. Nope, I wanted my love life to be transparent. I didn’t want anything clouding or blocking that area. That’s the only way I can figure out what’s best for me.

I glanced over and looked at the clock. It was only six thirty. I didn’t have to be to work for another two hours. I tried my best to roll over and go back to sleep. That idea got shot to hell when my phone rang. “UGH! Who is this!” I growled as I turned over to see who was calling me. It was my mom. I had no choice but to answer. My mother was so demanding. If she needed you or needed something done, she wanted it done right then and there. She expected you to drop everything and run to her beck and call. I answered trying not to sound annoyed, “Hello.” “Laresse!” she shouted. I grabbed my head as I flopped back down on the pillow. “Laresse!” she continued. “I need you to get up honey! It’s your father. He has been testing my last nerves this morning!” My mom and dad have been married for the last 23 years. I’m the youngest of three siblings. My two older sisters moved on the other side of the world, and I decided to stay closer to home. I was slowly starting to regret that choice. Every time my dad decided he wanted to do something, she had a hissy fit. She expected him to be all about her. I’d be lying if I said me and mom’s relationship wasn’t strained. I’d be 31 years old next month and she still treated me like I was twelve. I absolutely despised it. I tried to talk in a low tone hoping she’d calm down. “Ma, what’s the problem?” I asked. My hint was not received. She continued yelling. “This man is trying to go to breakfast with his friend Randy.” she stated. “Yea, so?” I replied nonchalantly. “Yea, so?” she replied mocking me. “I mean, yes ma. What’s wrong with that? Dad and Randy have been friends for years. You act as if this is new to you.” I explained. “I don’t even know why I called you. You have always taken his side. I wanted to spend time with him today!” she shouted. “I’m not even real sure why I answered.” I thought to myself. Randy was my dad’s best friend from college. They have been like Fred and Barney. Two peas in a pod. My mom can be so selfish at times. “Mom, don’t you think you are overreacting? It’s just breakfast. You act like he said he was divorcing you and moving to China!” I countered. “He might as well. He’s been going to breakfast with Randy all week. What about me? I want to go to breakfast!” she cried. “Ma, alright listen. It is too early in the morning for this. I am not sure what you are carrying on about. If I know you, you probably got up and cooked. Why don’t you try finding things to do by yourself. You know, things like going to a day spa, getting a manicure or pedicure, shopping, things of that nature.” I suggested. She was not trying to hear it. “I want to be with my husband and he doesn’t seem to understand that.” she spat. “Neither do I.”  I mumbled. “What did you say Laresse?” “Nothing ma. Listen I have to go. I have to get ready for work. I’ll talk to you later.” I said. I took the phone from my ear to press the end call button. I looked at the clock and let out an exasperated sigh. “Great, now I have an hour to get ready for work. Lord Jesus that woman will drive a schizophrenic person insane and I’m not even sure that’s possible.” I said to no one in particular. I put my phone on the charge, got out of bed and started to get ready for work. That phone call alone told me this was going to be a long day.

While on my way to work, I was listening to the Breakfast Club. It consist of Dj Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamange tha God. I think the show is very hilarious and informative at the same time. There’s this segment called ask Yee. Basically, people call in and ask for her advice on various topics, whether it’s relationship advice, financial or even work related. She’s there to offer whatever advice she can. This morning a young lady called in and wanted advice on what to do about her chaotic marriage. She stated that her and husband had been married for five years and that they have five beautiful children together. She then goes on to say that she is still in love with her ex and that two of the five children she has belongs to her ex and her husband doesn’t know. This disturbed me. I can’t understand how people can be so cruel and self-centered. She has this man thinking he’s raising five of his own flesh and blood children and he is unaware that two of them are not even his. I was questioning the other three. Like was she even sure the other three belonged to him? It’s crazy how people are only about what makes them happy. She was sitting on the phone trying to explain how her actions were weighing heavily on her heart and she was unsure of what to do. My first hope for her was that her husband wasn’t listening to this show. If he was, she wouldn’t have to worry about telling him anything. He’s already aware. My second hope for her was that her ex didn’t fly off the cuff and get an eager hair and go tell her husband himself. That could go one of two ways. No, I take that back. That could go several ways. He tells the husband, the husband lashes out at the wife, husband in jail. He tells the husband, the husband lashes out at him, the husband in jail. He tells the husband, the husband attempts to lash out at him, in self defense, he protects himself, he ends up in jail. But, where does that leave the children in all of this? Either way, I hope her decision is a wise one. At the end of the day, there’s children involved who need all three of their parents.

When I arrived at work, I was relieved to see Tyrin’s parking space was empty. That meant he hadn’t arrived yet. I gathered all my belongings and exited my car. Just as I was about to make my way up the sidewalk to the entrance, I saw Sharon arriving to work. I stopped and waited for her. Before finding a parking space she rolled down her window and shouted “Lai! Wait for me!” I nodded my head to let her know I acknowledge her request. As I was waiting for her to find a parking space, my phone buzzed. I found the nearest bench to place my things down so I could get to my phone. I dug in my purse and pulled it out. I tapped the screen twice to light the screen up to see who it was. I was taken aback by the name that showed up on my screen. It was Jordan, a guy I met a few months ago. We had some crazy nights. Talk about a man who knows how to work you and the bed! He was all that and a bag of chips. That all came to an abrupt end when his baby mamma popped back into the picture demanding that they try to work their relationship out. Of course, I gave him a piece of my mind and called him everything but a child of God. We haven’t spoken since. I clicked on the message icon to read what it said. He was asking could we meet for lunch around 2 p.m. this afternoon. Now, I’d be wrong if I didn’t say I felt like a rebound. I wasn’t sure whether to be mad and curse him out, or agree to meet for lunch just to hear whatever rhetoric he was going to say. This is the part where I should ignore the urge to give in to my pettiness, but this time I couldn’t help it. I agreed to meet him for lunch, only because I know he was going to pay for it. He then offered to come pick me up from work. I politely declined. I was not about to get stuck with him. I wanted to be able to jet out of there on the first train smoking. I let him know I’d meet him there and that he had to make this lunch quick because I had a meeting at three. Sometimes I could write a manual on how to lie to men just to get rid of them. I had no such meeting, or at least I don’t think I did. Either way, I wasn’t trying to get to know him again. I wasn’t impressed. Just as I slipped my phone back into my phone, Sharon was walking up the sidewalk. “Whew! Girl I’m glad you waited for me. I have got to fill you in on the drama that took place yesterday after you and boss man left.” she stated. She always knew how to brighten my day. I loved the office drama that went on around here. It was own personal version of Love and Hip Hop. “Girl, what happened?” I asked, with all my attention on her. She motioned for me to follow her into the building. “Girl, come on. We’re going to need a coffee break for this one.” she replied. Anytime she suggested a coffee break, I knew this was about to be an epic drama tale. I couldn’t wait for that coffee break. I lived for my daily soap opera office drama. Why else do we get office jobs in Fortune 500 companies?10-Minion-Quotes-About-Work-6034-8


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